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September 12, 2012

Run, Forest, Run!

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What’s the WARRIOR CHALLENGE? It’s offered by Rudy Huber, Maui Marathon’s race director who is dedicated to making the event a full island experience.  The Challenge is seeing if you can do 3 events in one weekend:   1 mile, 5k, half or 1 mile, 10k, full.  As if a full marathon wasn’t enough!  The draw of the Front Street Mile, sponsored and staged right in front of the Bubba Gumps in Lahina, is the phenominal field of elite 1 milers…sub 4 minute milers for men, and sub 4:30 for women.  These elites are surrounded by kids and their parents, masters runners, and open runners.  Lots of islanders come to test out their own speed.  The narrow Front Street is lined with cheering spectators and the clock is ticking. It is an intense set of heats to time.  It’s intensity gives it a flare all its own.  I actually love what the Front Street Mile does to running.  Encourages everyone to try.  I personally thanked the firmly fit elites for making the journey to run this race.  They all chided, “You are thanking us for coming to Maui! Shhhhzzzz” You can go to and click on the results and find out who they all were.  “The girls?  Well.  They are so cute and teeny I want to put them in my pocket and take them home with me” comments one of our staff.  The boys are lean and Prefontainy.  Only a very few can run a mile under 4 minutes. Only an elite few.  And there’s Bart Yasso from Runner’s World going to Warrior on, Runner’s World road racing icon .   Having him there completes the ‘this is a cool event’ package.

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