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September 5, 2012


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After a breezy day of cycling, I returned to my live aboard apartment…the one that is the size of a sailboat, and started laundry.  I was hungry. Really hungry.  Someone said the good thing about Jackson is that it has so many outdoor activities that  churn up an appetite , than it has so many good places to eat to satisfy that appetite.  I chose PICA’s, a very tasty South American  restaurant.  My mouth was dry and I had been warned that this altitude and the arid air of Wyoming required lots of hydration.  Though only two blocks away, I drove to PICAs because my laundry was in the queue to have to be put in the dryer. I  could have easily walked.  The line to order was out the door. PICA’s,and almost all the Jackson restaurants,are packed June, July, and August. The waiter apologized that the ‘to go’ order would take a while.  He offered a good option.  Have one of their sought after Margueritas.  Sounded perfect to my parched lips.  I rarely drink alcohol.  So rarely, I can count only two times that I have every been soundly drunk.  This was the third.  That salted glass went right to the whooze.  I was stunned as I high stepped it home, leaving my truck soundly parked at the curb.  Here’s a trick.  Try to put quarters in a coin operated dryer when….buzzzed.   So…is the lesson of the day,  altitude dehydrates and alcohol intoxicates faster when dehydrated?

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