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August 25, 2012


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Yahoo.  This place is becoming a KNOWN.  I have worked to allow it to be.  A little corner of the world to call ‘cabin home.”

There is so much outdoors here…a landscape too large for any lifetime.  It is a rush to juggle the choices before the winter freeze sets in and those choices have to be stored away for the long winter months. Good-bye bikes.  But the buzz is, that winter brings a whole host of other activities that get to come out in the form of Nordic, skate, or Alpine skis.  And there’s snow mobiles and fat tire winter bikes.  Hello, skis!

I got my bike adjusted.  Took my son and his girlfriend white water rafting.  Spent quality time with my daughter.  Had a lunch on the lift for captured time to jabber about our summers of growth.  It was good.  This was a good place to do that in.  Just because I am blogging… “bragging”… about this area, do not think that I am not working.  I have commuted back and forth to California more times than I care to afford.  I am developing future potentials.  And I am establishing a timing company and setting up a chip timing system for this area.  I will tell you soon about “ITz ABOUT TIME.” I have to be honest, it is exciting and daunting at the same time.  I am adventurous and scared in the same moment.  I guess that is what they call pioneering.

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