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July 20, 2012

Wydaho: best of Wyoming and Idaho Mountain biking

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Wydaho Rendezvous, the Teton Valley’s Mountain Bike Festival is held in Mid-July.  If you are a mountain biker, it is a must!!  It is a combined effort of bike shops in this area to introduce  their network of great single track trails. There are set times every day for all kinds of group ride at all levels to pick from.  One day is hosted in Victor, the other in Driggs by that town’s bike shop.  The roads are blocked and professional exhibition riders do jumps and tricks.  Beer keg pull relays are in play. There’s swag, bike demos, live music, and tons of great scenery.  A poker ride each evening greeted you to all the eating establishments.  Now, there is my kind of a ride!! Lots of families were participating.  Kid’s loved it.  Best part for me, and coming off the advice of the tattooed guys that helped me learn my way down Targhee, was taking a bike clinic from a pro female rider.  Amber is on the USA Endurance Mountain Bike team and races 100 mile off road races.  That takes quads.  She was a fun combination of pretty and pretty gutsy.   On a flat surface, she coached how to guide the eyes first than the bike will follow.  “If you stare right at it, you are destined to hit it.  You should be looking beyond and where you need to go.  Our senses do a good job taking in what we need to navigate past.  Learn to use and trust them.  And don’t hold onto those bars for dear life.  Relax the hands, put the elbows out and ride cowboy style! “

I still fell over and down more than anyone else on the trails, but I liked my gals ride I choose.  It was fun to be among giggling ladies, especially when we came upon another set of stranded females with a flat.  It took 10 of us 20 minutes to fix that flat!  So girl. I think we were purposely enjoying the break.  You definitely couldn’t help, but enjoy the views.  My cardio taps so fast when I hit a hill. I breathe like a horse.  I am beginning to wonder if the bout with Pneumonia years ago got a part of my lungs.  I am still under acclimated. But riding bikes is a fun break from running.  And I can’t, but think this will help build strength and endurance for running.

Yeah, for the vision of these bike shops to establish themselves at the front door to so much mountain biking. It was worth wydahoing?!

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