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July 15, 2012

On My way down

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The back side view of the Tetons was almost more thrilling that the front because it was unexpected.  The grassy canyon that leads up to Targhee Ski area opened, and there it was, the Grand and the cluster of Teton peaks.

You lose the view at the base of the lift, but the wild flowers, and green grass, and pristine ski resort are a view in themselves.  For $10, the lift takes you and your bike to the top.  The guy handing me the ticket, held it out with a warning. “Somebody, just today, was taken off the mountain with a broken collar bone.”  I hardly heard him.  I was took excited to test drive Mud Bud.

What a bright, sunny day.  In my glee, I entertained my views by taking pictures of my gloved hands.  They contrasted colors against the blue sky and green hills.  Squeals buzzed from a bunch of girls getting on the lift…in high heels and dresses.  I had to stay low and out of the photographer’s way on the top.  A couple was taking their vows with a wow of a backdrop.  Good choice of locations.  Great cooperation with the weather.  The wedding descended back on the lift and two very tattooed guys got off with their bikes.  The attendant said he was going down and we would be the last ones on the mountain.

The tatted guys ohhed and gooed over my bike as, me, the proud owner was able to puff out my chest.

Then they got a concerned look across both their faces.  “This bike has never been ridden.”  I nodded. “Than what, the f… in tarnation are you doing up here?” I shrug.  They shot looks at each other and in unison retorted, “How are you going to get down?”  I stammered, “Follow you.” They adjusted my bike seat, gave me stern instructions on not to hold onto the brakes too tight.  Tap each back and forth.

“And when we get to this point on the trail that has a drop off, we will stop and let you look it over. “ They both ran the local Dominoes Pizza chain and said they lived and breathed downhill Mountain biking.  I was definitely about to breath it.  It was terrifying.  Rocks and roots and turns and trees.  Even with the tap tap of the brakes, they were coming at me too fast.  Bump. Bounce. I was so stunned that the bike took this terrain.  Yeah, for the incredible bike built for just this.  That’s when we stopped to look over the steepness of the next decent.  And that is when I put my downhill foot down…on nothing.  Soon I was rolling down the steepest part with my bike and one foot still clipped in to the pedal.  Mistakes like this, I learned, equate to skin loss.  Chunks of skin. 

We actually made it down in almost one piece.  I didn’t get their names.  But thank you guys for guiding me down.  They suggested I attend WYDAHO.

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