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July 12, 2012

Speeding along

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In the rays of the morning, I found myself on this dry lake bed in Somewhere, Nevada.  As I back tracked to a paved road and took it north, I drove right past a prairie fire.  A single state highway trooper was motioning me to turn around and head back to a town called Jack Pot.  In Jack Pot, Nevada, I and a few truckers waited for the fire to fan past the road and town. It was a little frightening to hope that the back fires they set would allow that rapidly advancing wall of flames to go over and around this very tiny town.  That was town number one.

In the only other town I entered while traversing Nevada, I got the privilege of being pulled over.  This officer reprimanded me for ‘speeding’ through their town at 35 mph.  Their town, which I have no idea what its name was, had a city ordinance of 25 mph.  “What’s your hurry anyway, Miss Women with the California plates.  Wherever you are heading, I promise they are not in a hurry.”   I told him, almost under my breath, that I was heading this direction to do just that…slow down. 

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