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June 20, 2012

Up the Creek with TOO many paddles

 My little trip north left me in the middle of the night with a GPS Navigator that announced, “Lost signal” and that is exactly what I did. Got lost. After veering off the interstate at Salt Lake, I wandered around for miles that turned into long, dark, middle of the night hours. In the dark, I was passing hay ranches, lakes, one lane roads, and dodging deer and moose. And I was sincerely cris crossing my way through Wyoming’s back roads which were rarely heading north. It can get really dark out here and makes your courage dimishingly small. Somehow, it took me until dusk to find signs that pointed me to Jackson. Opps. But anyone that has driven into Jackson, Wyoming from any direction KNOWS the reward of this stunning, beauty peaked area. All was forgiven, save the opps of hauling a California KING bed thinking it would cozily fit in a 460 square foot apartment. It got packed right back in the trailer to be sent back to the state it was named after. A trundle day bed was ordered so I could walk to the bathroom instead of crawl over my bed just to pee.

All I had time to do in Jackson was be thrilled I was a trot away from the healthiest, bubbling creek. Over the most refreshing foot bridge were trails, specifically one that switch backed to the top of the ridge and sported a 360 degree, panoramic view of the Tetons, and all kinds of Mountain ranges. Thrill.  Look fast. Below in the town were so many restaurant choices and coffee nooks, bagel shops and special delis.  Yum.

But no basking.  I had to make a fast high tail it back to So California. We had June and 4th of July races to do. And they needed me and this trailer.

So begins a few months of commuting from Wyoming to So California!  That middle of the night…wandering through the two than one lane roads to catch cheap flights from Salt Lake, became a weekly vigil. I was hiking and biking during the week and there with you at your races on the weekends!  It was quite the trick.  But I was about to learn what it meant to trully BE IN THE DARK.

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