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June 7, 2012

Filling in the Gaps.

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Lingering on a hot runway in the Galapagos only meant I would miss my flight from Ecuador to the USA.  After nearly 24 hours in delays, as the wheels touched down in Atlanta, my phone started beep ,blipping a queue of piled up messages while I had disappeared to tackle one of my “remote continent marathons”. Prominent on the scrolling incoming list was Kaiser. Trying to catch my next flight, I listened to one.  Voice recording,” Misses Ware, Health Care Num..Ber…TWO..NINE..THREE..SIX…, Your TEST RESULTS show……Anemia, very LOW  Iron Levels….Please refrain from strenuous work or physical activity and consult your Primary Care Doctor Immediately. “

Well. This information was coming a little after the fact.  The Galapagos Islands Marathon Finisher Medal  was beating to the pace of my steps as it clanked on the outside of my pack, a fast beating symbol that I was about to be back to ‘THE PACE’ if I could catch this next flight.

That ‘pace’ has left the excuse for no blogging.  It meant the highest volume of races in May, June, and July done by any one timing company.  It also meant great NEW changes in timing equipment for PRIME TIME and the best possible timing systems.  And best of all, it meant the merger of RACEWIRE, a very successful  Boston based East Coast Company and their owners, Ryan Henry and Michael Allen taking over our West Coast PRIME TIME.  With their impressive college degrees, business backgrounds, and impeccable ease with which they program and software develop, they are the PERFECT helm for any timing company.  I was paying so much to keep up with what they naturally are geared to do.  They are the best symphony you will ever watch when they PERFORM and PRODUCE timing of a large scale race.  They are the perfect FIND for timing solutions in the West Coast Region.

This is helping me end a LONG RACE.  22 years of dedicated timing for SO CALIFORNIA based races. I have always claimed that I would like to adventure to the Pacific Northwest once I felt my kids were firmly heading into adulthood and established into their colleges.  My specific hope was Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  So in June, I packed a truck and trailer with what I thought could furnish a 460 square foot studio apartment. (That is no typo…460 feet) and staged an extended frontier base for future timing of events, training, hiking, and biking in this region.  Though I spent a lot time ‘commuting’ to the Los Angeles basin based races all summer, I got a thrilled treat to sample this amazing, stunning backyard that includes the Tetons, Bridger Forest, Wind River Range, the Gro Ventes, Yellowstone, and the Jedediah Wilderness.  I have so much to share with you.

But for now, I looked up ‘low in iron’.  Remember my complaints that I was tired no matter how many hours of sleep I got, or how much food I ate, or how much exercise I did or didn’t get.  I had no clue that a lack of some nutrient could cause that.  I love my food and had consumed my share of calories, but our ‘on the road ‘American diet doesn’t give us lots of sources of iron.  While in the Galapagos, remember I started honking down two dinners a night, being fresh fish or meat, and tons of vegetables.  That natural diet re-tanked my body with the iron it needed before I even returned to the USA…naturally.  Happy to report my iron levels are up.  And so is my never ending appetite.

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