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May 14, 2012


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“There is nothing inherently wrong or unhealthy about high standards in various arenas of life.  However, striving for perfection is a demoralizing and guaranteed formula for failure.  Striving for excellence, on the other hand, is motivating because reaching it is attainable.”

The Disease to Please

Harriet B. Brailer, Ph.d

Isla Isabella was better for my body than any timed released iron pill combined with a women’s one a day vitamin. But combination of both put gas in my engines just in time to fly back to San Cristobal for the marathon.  Here’s what an airport looks like that only has one 6 seater airplane.  I get to seat next to the pilot.  It appears the duck tape job is holding. and burr for an hour and the pilot is deftly bringing the faithful plane down onto Cristobal’s runway.  Rubber squeals.  Bounce. Skip.  Skid.  Putt putt to the airport building…which is locked.  We get our own luggage and Rick is waiting with his quad runner.  How does he keep track of even the 200 of us coming for the marathon?

The town is a hub bub of excitement surrounding the marathon, which, by the way, a “marathon” in south America seems to mean any running event.  You then have to clarify the distance.  42 Kilometers and they all hmmm with respect.  ESPN is here with their camera crews They are  taking footage and interviews and that makes the hub bub even more elevated.  Rick and his wife Bere are racing around.  A gorgeous, gracious triathlete looking lady is setting up her timing table, computer, and mats.  She said when she couldn’t get papers for her toddler to return to the USA she started producing and timing events.  She and her husband started a clothing line and a little store.  They are excited about all the positive work they have…and potentials, but overwhelmed by the cost of the timing equipment.  We share business.  We relate.

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