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May 11, 2012

Lava flowing

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Isabela is the largest of the Galapagos Islands.  It is 95 percent National Park with one town, Puerta Villamil, occupying a very unobtrusive corner.  Until 2005, there were only fisherman, farmers, and their families here. In 2005, so quiet to the world and even the fisherman and farmers, one of the six volcanoes , on the island, Sierra Negra, erupted. So did the curiosity of scientists and tourists.  Now, a few tourists are coming and the islanders are excited with the hub and ‘dinero’ this all brings.  Things are changing, the naturalist tells us as we hike 18 kilometers across the rim of the still steaming volcano. He had to go to school and out test 300 other applicants to get the 60 esteemed slots to be a naturalist on his island..s.  He adds an ‘s’ to the end of islands, vegatations, steams, and says “I tells you” in front of each story.  He talks with the same excitement the boy did on the boat.  It says thank you for this new opportunity you have given me on my island.

Two very relieving things happened today.  It got misty, hiding the baking sun.  And I got some rev. Was it because I ate TWO dinners last night?  I ate a dinner of fresh chicken in a coca cola sauce with mashed potatoes and vegetables.  Then I turned around and ordered an entire mini pizza…and ate all of both!  I also got seven hours sleep which was two more than I was able to get traveling all this week and four more a night than timing last weekend.  And oddly, I feel like all the walking got things pumping.  Somehow, I refilled my confidence. I feel that my body is in enough shape to get me through 26.2 miles of adventure. Why the change? My lack of confidence came from the reality that I was out of breathe just walking and dizzy when I bent over to tie a shoe; exhausted if presented with a flight of stairs.  That is unnerving when you already have purchased tickets to go run a marathon. For the first time all week I am interested in the challenge instead of fearful.  Someone told me once that eight hours sleep is the difference between hope and despair.  I hope to get 8 hours sleep tonight. I fly off tomorrow.  When do I leave?  Good question.  I am told to go to the little air strip and when everyone arrives, including the pilot, we will leave tomorrow…sometime. I think I will eat a second meal again tonight.

I am told that THE MARATHON is having its challenges.  ESPN announced that it wanted to film the event only one week ago.  That took a lot of scrambling to accommodate an entire film crew.  I was told that the sawing and pounding I heard at Casa de Nelly’s in San Cristobal was for me…that they were building a new room for me so the crew could have the penthouse view .  Their deadline to get the room finished was obviously before I returned from Isabella.  I also heard that the land owner at the start of the race…way up in the highlands where the windmills for electricity were stationed decided to hold the marathon start hostage.  He told Rick just a few days ago if he did not give him 50 sacks of concrete that they could not have the start there.  Since this was an annual event, Rick and crew decided to not give into a bribe and are out changing the course which will have some added hills now, and…like the airport, we will know where the start is when we all assemble there.  Te gusta la Galapagos mucho.”

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