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May 10, 2012


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There isn’t a wrong way to spend a day in the Galapagos Islands, but I am sure I picked the ‘right..est’ way.  It was a ‘perfecto dia”. I am on the Island of San Cristobal. I took an all day boat excursion to gibraltar looking rocks sticking out of the sea.  Dolphins frolicked around the boat, spouting and unabashed, not in a hurry nor harried by our presence.  We jumped in the deep, dark waters and swam to the sheer faced, towering rocks.  There was a narrow opening that opted a chance to follow what they call Eagle Rays through it. This school of spotted sting rays just happened to be flapping in synchronized slow motion through the same shadowy waters.    The current became too strong and the snorkel/naturalist had us return to the boat and approach the crevasse from the other side.  As very typical of me, I was yakking out some story and didn’t notice the snorkel pod had jumped in and was approaching the new entrance.  I grabbed a hold of my mask and plunged in after them feeling like I was trying to make up distance in a triathlon. The dark sea reminded me of the bleak, see-nothing ocean swim during the St. Croix Half Ironman until something even darker than the sea darted by the tiny view of my mask. And then another. My head didn’t need to guess what my heart pounded out.  What is there about the presence of a predator that we so instinctly give elevated heart rate to?  Sh….Sharks! It sounded like “SPIII…EK…AR..K…SAW out the end of the snorkel, but the shriek got the attention of all the other snorkelers who were now furiously swimming toward me because they WANTED to see a shark.  Galapagos sharks, I am told.  “They don’t seem to disturb snorkelers.  ”  Hmmm.  We move on to  emerald glimmering bays, to  sandy solo beaches with lines drawn in the sand that lead me to the Iguana tails that made them.  The rocks, bays, and beaches are presented to me in Spanish.  I don’t take the effort to properly remember or even pronounce. Their names aren’t what I want to store in my over jammed brain cells.  I saw God’s amazing creations today…whether He gave them the ability to adapt or made them that way…doesn’t matter.  They were amazing and I choose to attribute them to an equally awing Creator. I just can’t ignore in all the travels I have been privileged to do, that there is something greater and grander than us…and deserving of our reverence.  The One that makes the sun set and rise.  The one we tend to ignore His precepts. I feel awed by Him today.

I saw Blue foot Boobies, a bird found only here.  Their oversized webbed feet turn blue when they hit adulthood. I got to see Marine Iguanas that swim and feed underwater and Land Iguanas as black as the lava rocks they hide on.  They desalinize sea water in their bodies and spit out the left over salt water. There were Frigate birds that were choosing mates by blowing up huge red balloons from their throats and sea turtles bobbing for breathe. Fish and fish and fish, fertile feeding grounds for anything that need to eat fish.  No wonder there is a carpet of coughing sea lions all over the islands.  Clearing their throats sounds so human you want to say “God bless you” all day long.  And I did just that.  At the end of the evening, after a very pleasant dish of coconut prawns on the porch of THE PLAYA, I could hear a Wednesday evening church service singing worship songs.  They sang in Spanish and my heart sang in English. I wasn’t even aware that I was breathing…it came slow and natural.  Ps.  Big God that made this all, help me through this marathon.  It´s as big and looming to me as those rocks.  Can I really do it?

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