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May 7, 2012

It’s a pretty consistent theme. Running Ragged.

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I disappeared off this blog, so out of breath, out of pace. Help.  I am in Miami eating Cuban food from an airport stand, charging my netbook computer and phone and hoping I can get a message off to you all that I am on my way to the Galapagos Islands.  I am embrassing one of those remote Marathons I so proposed to run, as remote as I can get on each continent.  In the pace of timing 6 events eachweekend this month and celebrating great new improvements to how PRIME TIME times, I failed to keep you updated on this blog.I even failed to keep myself updated.  I sincerely had an hour to pack after returning from four straight days of expos and runs.  I am reading that Ecuador converted to the US dollar to their demise and have no coins, and no change for hundreds, and no ability to accept foreign atm cards.  So I will be on the budget of the cash I carry.  And I am reading so many great ,expansive, remote things about the islands, the race, and the reason the race director is hosting this marathon limited to the first 200.  Here I go.   Venture with me…if I find internet access.  I dropped weight this week.  Cramped up on the shortest of runs. I am dyhyrated even before leaving for an equator humidified heat, and possibly struggling with low levels of iron.  HELP.

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