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May 7, 2012

Being in the right place at the right time

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Not quite the Galapagos, but  Jackson Hole, Wyoming with the Grand Tetons looming.  This is the 1st of May and they are  still dressed in winter white.  I went up there just a week ago for a feasibility study.  Is it feasible to  fly to Salt Lake City, Utah, get a  rental car , drive through a late season snow flurry to  Jackson, Wyoming and than get back and to California in a weekend?  My daughter and I passed the test. 

I tried to run my last long training run there, but was buffeted by winds below 30 degrees and an instant elevation of 6,500 feet.  My lips and fingers made me turn back at only seven miles .I wish I didn’t have to admit it was more the huffing from the elevation that caved me in.

 I am sure the temperatures here in Guayaquil and beyond will be a pendulum swing from that.  So here I am in a town the email instructions told me to stay in only long enough to catch the next flight out.  You have to love traveling.  You have to carry extra cash, extra days, extra caution, and extra patience…and go with the plan Bs, Cs, and Ds of foreign connections.

There is no one holding up a Sheraton placard with my name on it as the emailed instructions said would happen. I have passed through the crowd and am now at the curb’s side.  I am reminded of the summer my daughter was 14 and declared she was going to help in orphanages in Peru.  We put her on an airplane with two college students.  They were held off the plane at the passport check in Los Angeles because their passports would expire a month after they were to return from that country.  My independent daughter got on the plane without them and landed in LIMA, PERU at midnight.  A blond, young girl with a lot of luggage moved with the crowd out to the street and the gates to the airport were rolled shut and locked up for the night.  She was on the streets in an overcrowded city that has 50 percent unemployment… in the middle of the night.  It took 45 tense minutes of calls to the American Embassy and the college to get someone to pick her up.

So, big girl me in my forties has found a shuttle to the hotel and am in the lobby of the Sheraton at 1am trying to get the last remaining room .  I will deal with how to fly out of here tomorrow.  Somehow, we got the dates askew and I am here one day earlier than all my reservations and connector flights.  Like day light savings, I just gained an extra day in life.

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