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March 31, 2012

All in a day’s work. Boston Cream Pie.

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Nothing new. A typical day.  I timed a race on Maui on Saturday.  Timed a race in Palm Springs on Sunday.  Leave for Boston on a redeye tomorrow.  So today?  I order porta potties, t-shirts, awards, and tables for THE RABBIT RUN. I assign people to stuff plastic Easter eggs.  10,000 of them!  I listen to a message telling how my pool of assigned volunteers will now not be available to help at this run.  I call the Explorers. I listen to 39 phone messages and answer 64 emails.  People that want us to time their events. A few runners that wore each other’s chips and need their times corrected.  Shipping tracks for scan cards, safety pins, paper, and supplies.  Cities that need further copies of insurance.  One that wants an engineer wet stamp of our scaffolding that ends up costing over $800.  I drop off my 2011 taxes and show him a letter of correction the IRS is asking for.  I just make it to an appointment to get my hips looked at by a sports chiropractor.  They are misaligned and producing pain.  I am 6 weeks out from the Galapagos Islands Marathon and finding very little time to run any mileage.  I brisk through the travel itinerary.  I find a flash of fun opening these emails in the midst of all the business ones.  I have to smile.  Rick and his wife run a travel agency that has a mission to use locals and their food, housing, and transportation source.  They are set in giving back to the very community we are visiting.   It will be so cool to share with you the experiences this trip to such a remote equatorial place.  And the experiences of traveling it alone. I book hotel rooms and a rental car on Expedia for Boston.  I confirm my seats on my flight.  And I leave for LAX .  I will be almost 6 hours off in time zones between Hawaii and the East Coast.  But who’s feeling jet lag when timing races is jet lag!.  My tidbit to myself today is from a little book called Courage to Change.  Life isn’t one grand performance, but a continuing set of experiences from which I learn about living.  Most people spend all their lives trying to iron out things so they can live and never get around to actually living.  Hmmm.  I have a flight to contemplate that.

March 25, 2012

WOWIE, back to Maui

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Wowie Maui.  I really love the island.  But I am tortured by our racing schedule.  I don’t get to relax and relax on it.  When there is a race to time, there are databases to merge, bibs to assign, packet pick ups to attend, and a.m. alarms blipping  hours before the first rays of dawn.   I felt bummed working so hard on a place meant for so much fun.  I came up with an idea. I invited Chad and Bianca, the owners and trainers of Crossfit South Redlands. I told them their main job would be to spend five days having the best time they could conjure up on Maui.  Both, in superb shape, energetic, hardworking, and playful , didn’t even blink an eye.  “In a heartbeat!”.  And that is exactly what they did.  They have great pictures teeing off on pro golf courses, sampling island made gelato every night, sipping Mai Tais and Lava Flows.  They snorkeled and swam with the turtles, did a wod on the beach using a branch as a pull up bar, and attended a luau. They laughed and loved it, and I enjoyed joining them on the trade windy boat and snorkel trip.  We ventured to a crossfit gym in Lahina and jumped into a workout. The camaraderie in the gym was great.  From there, a couple from Seattle became friends over hearty Burgers in Paradise. The subtle, live music lured easy flowing conversation that meandered until the waiter had to let us know the restaurant was bused and ready to close.  Thank you, Chad and Bianca, for being those kinds of people that I knew would love this kind of a place.

And thank you, Rudy Huber for staging the Valley to the Sea Half Marathon, 5k, 10k so…so island style. A quaint packet pick up in the Hide-a-Way restaurant.  A remote start in the lush IAO Valley.  A drop across the island and a beach run to Kihei.  Paddles, shells, and lava rock awards.  Bragging rights for those who can say they ran across the island.  He has another adventure planned on June 2, 2012 called the Kahakuloa Coast Run & relay, a 14.5 mile run to a picturesque island village.  This gem of an event is limited to 100 participants. Info on it is found at

Rudy also race directs the Maui Marathon, Half Marathon, 5K, 10K, and 1 mile held September  16, 2012. Visit  If none of these distances suit, you can combine three of them and be acclaimed a Warrior Challenge Finisher.  There’s an ocean of running.

I fly on to a very hectic spring timing season and a  burning regret that I am still  racing against that setting sun. 

Pat Answers

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What is green? Produces heavy breathing? Makes you so sore you can hardly walk the next day?  Demands the ability to toss ping pong balls and down cups of green beer?  Do burpees, pull ups, rows, jump rope, and hop from suspended boxes while…well?  I have never laughed so hard and tasted better green jello than at Crossfit South Redlands St. Pat’s Day wod. 

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