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February 26, 2012

Tokyo….a mazing steel and concrete.

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This is my first day ever in Tokyo. It’s an overwhelming sea of structure; well designed, retrofitted concrete and steel. Miles and miles of it. And 10,000,000 million people working and living in them. You become puny in this forest of engineering. I was very thankful for the accompaniment of two businessmen assigned to give us a whirl around parts of Tokyo. They skinny their van into slim parking places that latch up and imprison the belly of the vehicle until you pay the electronic meter to leave. Slick. Slick, too, are the vending machines that pop out hot coffee and soup. There are orderly lined bicycles with their baskets. The traffic is not unobtrusive because everyone and everything is somehow…orderly. There is no trash, no sense of crime, and a hoard of people squishing past each other on their way to something very important.
Our Japanese hosts laugh a lot and do an excellent job translating in English, even Kenji who doesn’t speak English. Shinya works for a company that caters to the Golfing industry and is interested in what new products are emerging from the running craze that has struck Japan. They take us to a traditional part of Tokyo with a temple and we sit on pillows, cross legged, enjoying rice and deep fried tempura, but mainly their hostful company. I tell them my son likes Japanese Anime art and video games and they take us on a train to a section pulsing with electronics and a feel of Time Square in New York, Akihabara. Now there is a place for video nerds.
I am thankful, Shinya, that you offered up a day to show us bits of this startling landscape of high rises . They turned spell bounding when we returned over Rainbow Bridge at night. The view of lights and shaped geometry over the water was eerily moving. Like a sunset casting colors on a mountain lake…but not.

Thank you, Shiyna and Kenji for showing us Tokyo

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