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February 19, 2012

Running Around Town…

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SRLA’s mass of juveniles just ran their 18 miler…The Hansen Dam Friendship run. While we waited for the silhouettes of runners crossing the dam on a pleasantly warm winter day, we finally had a moment to relish our runner friends and comrades. Grace Padilla signed NIKE posters by the thousands. She is a mom, model, school teacher/World Champion Runner who makes marks on the lives of these kids by being a living example that fitness opens adventure and energy to any life.
To show that runners have other hidden talents besides running fast, the PRIME TIME crew was treated to the best carna asada bar-b-que… right in our timing tent. There is something to be said about slowing down the pace a tad.
Though a long and grueling day of timing, the victories of these kids were heart felt. I ran backwards into their crowd for about 6 miles. Now there is an experience. Run through those that are point blank determined to trod their way to their mileage goal. It experienced my heart to see weary, spent faces, yet so determined.

The finish mattered to every one of those silhouettes that had forged to this long awaited finish line. We could not hold back our own tears when one of the last finishers crossed and broke down in unabashed happy sobbing. He was so overcome with doing something he never dreamed he could. He dropped to his knees in the chutes with not one more step left in him. And he cried in relief, more from erasing poor esteem and messages that had held him back for far too long, those voices that told him he would never amount. His tears were pure victory and we all felt it. Emotions twist in me just trying to convey the moment in writing. We all know the kind of messages I am talking about. How powerfully and tightly these voices imprison us, yet they are not visible. Winning internal races may be the better part of a marathon. BEST to you, SRLAers as you tackle the LA MARATHON. May you win many of life’s races.

A little more fast pasted, but on the theme of masses is the CHINATOWN FIRECRACKER RUN. This was the YEAR of the DRAGON and it was a hugely, inviting race with its one hundred thousand plus firecrackers and culturally themed dragon dances. Great job done by a race committee that meets year round to throw this kind of running party for the public.

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