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January 23, 2012

Eat Crow!

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So the Cross Fit gym has challenged us to a hunter/gather diet. For the month of January, we are seeing who can go the longest eating only things that are freshly killed and fruits and vegetables that are newly picked. And nothing, nothing else. Everything processed is off limits. That means bread, cheese, milk products, pasta, or sugar. And no legumes. First, I had to ask what legumes were. Then I had to query as to why beans would be off the list? My college son, who has his American share of emptied Monster Drink cans and burrito wrappers in his truck, said he would take the challenge. He admitted straight up he had rarely ever cooked for himself. I am the proud parent about to share some pics of his gourmet creativity.

As for me, I remembered about the ‘no bread’ thing on the first day as I munched my healthy, lean, turkey sandwich, with sprouts, and no mayo. Opps. It was on multi grain bread. Out of the contest, I still wanted to try this hunter, gatherer thing on the go. I ordered stir fry without the rice. And did you know IN n OUT makes a burger they call PROTEIN STYLE? They sandwich the meat with leaves of lettuce and throw in two slices of tomatoes without the bun. I was surprised I liked the absence of the heavy bread being replaced by juicy greens. Five nights into the contest I was ordering my protein style burgers in lettuce when that little appetite red devil tapped on my brain and reminded me that THE DONUT MAN was just up the street in Glendora. Go back to my January 3, 2011 blog on a DOUGHY NEW YEAR and watch the video of the art of donut making.
I didn’t listen, at first. I got on the freeway and heading away. I made it by two off ramps when my stomach navigational system declared re-routing. It blared, please make a legal U turn. I watched a greasy, dripping, Tiger tail cinnamon donut come out of the vat and into my purchased bag. UMM. Yumm. Now, I definitely had lost the contest.
But there really IS something about what we eat and how we have to digest it that affects our physical, mental, and emotional performance. BORN TO RUN, by Christopher McDougall is a well written tale of his search for the answers of how Tarahumara Indians in isolated Mexico can run hundreds and hundreds of injury free miles. Fast miles. The Denver Post says this book is “A tale so mind-blowing as to be the stuff of legend. “I was thoroughly riveted in its fun read. Some Tarahumara were corralled by a promoter and taken to a grueling 100 mile race at 10,000 feet in Colorado to see if they would win. You have to read it to find out why some might be faster on earth than others. So interesting was his find on how their simple diet, free from all the ‘processed’ food, was idea for fueling bodies that could run. So read the book and join us in munching on Pinole and corn seeds.
I just finished the written exam for the USA TRACK & FIELD LEVEL 1 COACH’S certification. It was an exhaustive questionnaire on physics, biomechanics, physiology, ethics, training, and all the techniques of coaching track elements right down to enlightening upon proven nutrition. The test included questions to ensure that coaches knew how proper intake of the right kinds of protein, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, and vitamins would affect performance. They found that small servings of food and water throughout the day are best. Breakfast is extremely important and should include a protein. Highly processed and refined foods are not recognized by the body as foods and are hard to digest. Simply cooked meals or raw foods are nutritionally superior. The Tarahumara are unknowingly and naturally on this diet! !Hey. I learned that legumes and nuts do not have ALL the amino acids while meat and eggs do…so thus the ‘no legumes’ rely on the hunter/gatherer diet. I like answers. These answers are keeping the little appetite red devil pretty silent these days.

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