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January 18, 2012

Speaks Volumes

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Ps.  Did I let you know that Christmas Eve celebrated at my son’s very first college apartment living…was so very all about enjoying each other’s company. He has been a great steward of his meager funds, never asking.  But he took the college hand out money I slipped him and bought and decorated the cutest Christmas tree, hanging the stockings with care over his little living room’s fireplace.  We pulled all his dishes together and my pots and pans.  We made homemade apple and pumpkin pies while pot roast was bubbling  the air with good mid-west smells of carrots, gravy, and potatoes.  We exchanged gifts and stories and accepted the place of transition we would be in no matter what, just by the ages of my children and their first ventures in adulthood.  And we knew that the thing we would always work hardest for was …each other.  I DID end up timing the Yuletide on Christmas day.  And it ENDED up being a beautiful, surreal, appreciative crowd that reverently enjoyed being outside on a day that was unearthly golden. The sunset pictures from my NEW YEAR’s Day blog are Manhattan Beach Pier on Christmas Day.

So now, we are up and RUNNING through 2012.  We kicked  off  the 2012 timing year with the So Cal Half Marathon and 5K in Orange County to record crowds.  Volumes and volumes of runners celebrated yet another stunning Californian day in shorts and tanks…in January when I saw 13 degree recordings in other parts of our country. Race on!  A huge thank you to Woodbridge High School, their energetic students and helpful parents, and their dedicated event director and coach, George Varvas.  Great race.

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