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January 14, 2012

Car Trouble

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I put a lot of miles on.  My business mileage is high.  I have the financial obligation for a lot of vehicles and trailers.  That combination spews CAR TROUBLE. 

You know it is a bad day when…you run over a fire hydrant…on a military base… and create a new lake named after yourself.

You know it is a bad day when… your trailer detaches from the hitch and bypasses you on an overpass.  Sorry officers!

You know it is a bad day when…the  meter maid gives you a ticket  while watching you get quarters for the meter.

Or when you park all your vehicles next to a sign that says Free Parking on Sunday…but opps, it’s Saturday.  Had a great staff lunch…turned expensive.  Ticket a-la-cart: $58.  Even the trailer got an additional parking ticket.

You know it is a bad day when…the IRS audits you because NOONE sanely puts that many miles on in a calendar year.  High mileage means “” happens,  Mr. IRS.  So let’s add up the miles getting these vehicles to events around So Cal and out of state, as far as ,Oklahoma and Wyoming with Lake Arrowhead as your not so central hub!

What?  You only want the odometer readings.  But I have the pictures and headache to prove it.

So rather than get weighted about it.  I just have to be resolved that lots can and will go wrong when  putting in so many life miles.  As that saying goes.  “That’s life.”  And there is always someone out there that just may have it worse.

Water travel doesn’t seem to get much better. This guy helped me realize that my day was not so bad.  You know it is a bad day when…you finally find your boat.  “ Oh, Myrtle, here it is. I’m sure I tied it up last night…”

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