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October 26, 2011

Wanna know what?

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 The Laker Girls are fun to have at an event.

Paul, Eric, and Harry have the largest family in Los Angeles,  Over 3,000 kids benefit each year from these guys and their inspiration.  They train kids willing to try for the LA Marathon.  We have watched them grow up and their kids grow on to hope filled futures through the confidence and accomplishment that comes from training  and finishing a marathon.  This year’s crop of happy to try going for the distance just finished their 5ks and are now into the 10Ks.  By January, they will be doing half marathons, and a final prep run in February called the Friendship 18 Miler they stage at Hansen Dam on February 5, 2012.  Definitely, in it for the long run. 

Paul, Eric, and Harry making a difference through Students RUN LA.

Randy Simmons was a LAPD swat officer that was killed in the line of duty.  His comrades host a celebration race about his energy and life.  We timed the Randy Simmons run last weekend, held at Elysian Park, the former police academy.  Those trained officers must be hard core.  Their track is paved asphalt!  It was a fun, festive picnic atmosphere.  And the addition of  a CROSSFIT CHALLENGE had the runner crowd all hanging around.  Crossfit Marina Del Rey brought row machines, plyo boxes, kettle bells, and those infamous, push them over or they push you over tractor tires. People got to try their skills at jumping, rowing, and luffing tires.

 I grew up at this academy.  My dad was a LAPD police officer and had a term as the captain of the academy.  We swam in the pool.  And us kids LOVED the annual LAPD family picnic they sponsored…good ole days type picnic with potato sack races , running with an egg on a spoon relays, and water filled balloon tosses.  Randy Simmons 5k had that same magical picnic appeal.  Sometimes, the little benefit 5Ks are gem races.    This was one.

Another ‘gem’ 5k was held on October 22 at Woodley Park.  The Dream Mile,

which is actually a 5k, was put on my a community of Los Angeles based Indians who are raising money to build schools and fight poverty in India.

Check out  I was impressed with the family feel this event had

as everyone pitched in to set up tables and canopies.  They brought in Starbucks coffee and bagels,  invited the public, ran a race, and then served them all a catered lunch from a fabulous Indian restaurant.  How often does that get to happen at a 5k race?  I just had finished reading a great book ,Three Cups of Tea.  A climber, Greg Morris,  lost his way off of a failed attempt to summit K2.  He stumbled into a village far from the intended descent.  Thought immensely poor, the villagers offered  him  food, warmth, and a sense of welcoming he could never repay.  After watching kids scribble in the dirt, assembled outdoors in rows that had to weathered the weather just to be in school, he vowed to return with materials and money and build a real school. Returning to the states penniless from his failed expedition lead him on a school drive to have kids in the states save their pennies for the school.  The incredible life devotion he has taken to supplying Pakistan and Afghanistan, working right through the perils of 9/11, is one man’s way to make a difference.  It would help anyone to understand that conflict strands the innocent and children are the victims…unless helped.

Vibha was formed help in India.  Yeah for the  community heading up the Dream Mile in Van Nuys.  People were bringing in change jars and sacks of money, pennies at a time, but enough to build hope in the heart of  India’s poverty-stricken children.  The food was fun.  And  I drove away from this event with a sense of how gentlemanly this group was to the women, helping them carry things and giving them first place in the food lines.  I liked them and their invite for the open public to share in their cause.  Look for this gem of a race next year.

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