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September 28, 2011

Being bugged…

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We have been making tracks.  Good tracks.  Fast tracks. Timing some creative and stunning events. PRIME TIME is definitely adrenalized and has front row glamor.  But all said, comes Monday morning and the real work of contracting, prepping, preparing, and living with oneself filters in.  And the mind meanders.  And it has to take accountability for the toll of and ouches in life.  I have a stack of those. Have to find the “TIME” to share with you someday.

So this morning, after a weary night of broken sleep as I toiled over the toll of things in life I can do nothing about, I blinked my way to my truck.  Here, on the driver’s side mirror was a green, effervescent, odd insect who was cocking his eyeball at me, all the while ,moving his hands in a prayerful fashion. “How did you get here?” He didn’t seem to know how he came to be on the mirror of a truck about to speed away.  Nor how to get off.  I gently offered my hand.  The gentle insect readily accepted the offer to be helped to a better location in life. He climbed on and took with ease of acceptance the branch I lead him to.  He crawled on his new location and sent that same eyeball back at me as to say ‘thanks’.  I stood there for a few moments watching this creature. And I stop to know that we sometimes just need this kind of lift in life.  We have no idea how we got in our current predicaments.  And we know we are in them only when someone ,or SOMETHING, gives us a hand out of it.  Sometimes, we are so far into a situation that it will take the helpful hand of something else. They say that God’s hand is out there in much the same way as HIS funky Praying Mantis had to accept mine.

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