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September 27, 2011


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There were high school kids everywhere. Over 3,500. Uniforms warmed up together. Striders. Bouncing. Bopping. Easy up canopies were pitched all along the dirt course. Everyone was itching to watch these kids run their hearts out. The 38th Annual Bellarmine/Loyola Cross Country Invitational was held Saturday, September 24. It has an infamous course of ups and downs, twists and turns. Lining across a huge grass valley, the infantry stormed as each starter pistol fired. Girls were sprinting to the finish line as boy heats were pouring out.  And the day went on and on, yet never to be tired by the boundless energy and spirit of the kids competing.  Bell-jeff invite is a day all about running.  It was a day that Saucony and A Runner’s Circle   were a very visible part of.  The huge meet is undertaken by the dedication of coach Jim Couch from Bellarmine High School,a school themed to be small, but boast BIG things. This was a BIG meet.

I found a soft note on the Highschool website from this soft spoken coach who proved to us at PRIME TIME that he does well organized events.  “Thanks so much for everyone’s help, YOU made the 38th Bellarmine Invitational a huge success, the school and coaching staff truly appreciate the long hours and commitment to the team and school.  I have received many emails thanking us for such a great job and such wonderful volunteers.  We hope you were able to recover from the long day. “ Coach Jim Couch

A thank you back to you, Jim, your team, and your family for making an event that energized so many young legs.  PRIME TIME timing crew.

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