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September 26, 2011

Moments on Maui

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And I mean MOMENTS.  Most our MOMENTS on Maui were occupied by timing events. So we could only take ‘snatches’ of the island.  But even snatches of Maui are amazing. On Maui, the sport is paddling.  And there are clubs and seasons, and types of boats, and types of paddles, and all types of distances and paddle positions.  I was lucky to get an offer to paddle with a crew down the coastline.  Experienced paddlers patiently let me take the seat in front of the steerer (not sure what his oars man name really is, but that guy in the back that makes the 600 pound canoe turn in the desired direction). With stroke instructions and timing, pretty soon I was haw/ heeing along switching the paddle from side to side about every fifteen strokes.  I could keep up…in perfect time.  We slid across the swells and could look down and  ‘find Nemo’ in the 30 foot depth of visibility. No need for mask and snorkel.  The water was so clear gazing over the sides of the canoe. We had to stop and dive in.  It was not the easiest of maneuvers to get a crew with novices back into a canoe without tipping it over!  The coast was amazing, but so was the camaraderie with the paddlers.  Mahalo. Mahalo for a true island experience. 

We poked around on beaches, made a dedicated effort to watch every sunset, and explored the west end by bluffing it and snorkeling its bays. We came to love a little coffee shop called Java Jazz in a shopping center just above Kaanapali. The owner is a gifted jazz guitarist and offers live music.  Java Jazz is shared with a great , quaint restaurant called the Soup Nutz.  This is quietly away from the tourist hub bub in Lahina. And we enjoyed it as much as the solitude on the bluffs.

Trying to savor every moment on the island made us try for one last fast cup of coffee and a  drive along the coast in the opposite direction of the airport. We then scurried back to FED Ex and paid high digits to ship all our timing gear home…and came within MOMENTS of missing our flight.  Guess we didn’t really want to leave the island!


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