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September 23, 2011

THE WORKs. 2011 Maui Marathon/Half Marathon/Maui Taco 5k/Run Forest Run1 Mile Heats.

Nick nicking times

This marine carried his pack 26.2 tropical miles

I think these ladies shared a beer every mile!

5:30am StartsThe Finish 8 1/2 hours later.


The Maui Marathon wasn’t just a one day marathon.  It was a weekend sports festival well themed in island style.  It boasted a pasta party at the Hardrock  Café in Laihina and a Hawaiian Luau at the Westin in Kaanapali. The Maui Tacos 5k kicked  off on Saturday morning, followed by  an afternoon of one mile heats in front of Bubba Gumps. Front Street in Laihina was jammed pack with a crowd who roared as much enthusiasm for the youngest groups as for the elite milers. To attest to the miler caliber worth yahooing for, the top three fastest male milers,  David Torrance (3:56.72), Jon Rankin (3:59.14), and Garret Heath (3:59.89), went sub four minute with Brandon Bethke (4:04.92).  And the girls produced blazing times of 4:38.87 by Heather Kempf, 4:39.69 by Angela Bizzari, and 4:42.90 by Lea Wallace.

The cheering never stopped.  It filled the half and full marathon finish line the next day. An island cheer leading squad stayed to the very last participants.  There was a man who did the entire 26.2 miles of stilts. And a lady the fact that this cheering squad stayed brought tears to her eyes and she called for a group hug right under the finish banner. 

With vision and investment, Rudy Huber, the event director labored to make this a destination race worth experiencing.  A personal trainer, coach, and track athlete, Rudy has made Maui his home.  He said his biggest desire for the Maui Marathon/Half Marathon, Maui Tacos 5k, and Bubba Gump’s Run Forest Run Mile was to let runners come and have a very Hawaiian running experience. The island did not disappoint.

And if running a full marathon was not enough, the event offered a WARRIOR CHALLENGE…see if you could run a 5k, 1 mile, and longer distance all in one weekend.  Do all three!

The PRIME TIME staff did a ‘take a bow’ job on your Maui race weekend.  I am proud of my behind the scenes, unsung timing heroes.  They never let up for five straight days. They got their own form of the ‘WARRIOR CHALLENGE’ timing all four events! If you got up at 4:00am to be at your 5:30am Maui Marathon start line, we got up at 2:00am. That’s only after we packed, shipped, and flew timing mats, heavy reader boxes, computers, printers…you name it… to the event.  And only after days of sorting, assembling, and handing out bibs and chips.  The event builds finish line chutes and timing tents.  And we wire reader boxes and routers to mats and cables.  And we test it all to ensure everything is fully charged and fully functioning.  Just so your chip on your shoe goes beep, beep.  Believe me.  It is demanding, 15 hour days done, pre-dawn ,to baking mid-day heat.  Not to mention printing finisher certificates all afternoon and an award presentation evening.  We were up for the Warrior Challenge…and so were a lot of you.

Race Director Rudy Huber on far right deserves to smile. GREAT JOB!


Impressive sub four minute milers.Race Director Rudy Huber, far right, deserves to smile. Great job!

behind the scenes matching chips to bibs.

John producing certificates

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