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September 14, 2011


To capture the mind, muscle, focus, and finesse of a Hepthlete,  the photographer, David Palmer, set up a shoot that would depict a ‘warrior’  women mood. David is a talented ‘mood’ shot photographer that captures motion and movement in a snap.  Not an easy thing to do. The “Warrior women” theme sent jokes floating through the PRIME  TIME office.  But it is actually harder to enact than you think.

We permissioned to use the track at Glendale City College in  the glowing time of the day.  At 4pm we arrived and camera equipment umbrellaed out. Slight problem.  We didn’t know  college was already in session so we had the football team on the infield, the girls’ basketball team running laps, and straggler cross country students in the stands.  We took close to forty takes out of the blocks and equal, as many, takes over the hurdles…and just as many javelin and shot put throws.  The coaches commented that even the fit of their team would be hammered by that kind of endurance, burst of speed workout.  So SHHHHHhhh.  I am trying so hard the day after to not walk as sore as I really am.  But not bad for a 48 year old lady.

There are so many quiet heroes in the sport of running. I meet one on the sidelines that day of the shoot. Karen S. Rosas is a current athlete at Glendale City College. She runs Cross Country and Track. I could tell by how she carried herself that she was fit.  I could sense she had drive.  And witnessing the hovering guidance of the coach, I knew he knew too.  This was a winner.   Coach Eddie Lopez has guided a lot of winners.  I can attest as he took a few of ‘my boys’ and ran them into ‘most valuables’ and ‘ athlete of the
year’.  He knows he is a stepping stop and catapults those that dare to new adventures they never thought imaginable until they took up running.

Karen shared with me.” I really have to tell you this has been the best experience in my life so far. Running for this team has made me a lot more disciplined and determined
in ALL aspects of my life.  For this reason I cherish and enjoy to the fullest this sport.  I started running my sophomore year in High School in the fall of 2006. I had never done a sport before so I really didn’t know what I was getting into. Fortunately, for me, the High school experience turned out to be good. I qualified to compete at the State level. I was just starting to discover I really did have a talent for the sport. “

“I was very lucky to end up at Glendale”.  Karen shared she was the first in her family to ever go to college. “It was here where I really did learn to be a competitor.  I am now planning to transfer to Adams State College in Colorado and can’t wait to compete at that higher level.  Also, I am very thankful with God for giving me the gift of being a good runner because through this, now I can finish my education since I will be receiving a full athletic scholarship.”  Karen excels in the 5000m and 10,000m.

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