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September 10, 2011

More than the whole enchilada…the grandest burrito. El Tepeyac Cafe presents

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I met with a race committee at a very populated Mexican restaurant. The parking lot was maxed.  All its parked were pouring into the El Tepeyac on a Friday evening.  I was at the interchange of the 60 Fwy and 605 fwy in City Of Industry.  An email told me to meet with the owner Joey, and a band of runners who planned to make a benefit run for a well-respected Catholic Church. It had been burned through arson. Apparently, a lot of So Cal knew about the El Tepeyac Cafe.  It’s sister restaurant in Boyle Heights is the stopping ground for this band of runners.  They train in Griffith Park.  One breakfast conversation lead them to action. They decided they could help by staging the El Tepeyac 5k/10K on October 29 to benefit St. John Vicinity’s Church.

I was impressed with the ease Joey had with the restaurant goers as he managed the flow though he was having a table side meeting with us. I liked the
enthusiasm of Anthony, an avid runner that knew they could put this together.  I didn’t need to instruct them to make their event festive.  They were well on their
way with vendors coming to make Mexican dishes and the talk of bands playing and hats being worn.  People are really appreciating the ‘party’ races and I know they will this one.

My ADHD got the best of me when atable size burrito went by on a platter. An entire round of people grabbed forks and dove in to devour it.  “What was that?!” I asked.  That was what they were known for. WOWWwwww.  That was bigger than the whole enchilada.  I clicked back into the conversation to hear the committee talking that there  were no known reasons or a  suspect in the arson set fire that burned the entire interior of the church.  I left that evening pleased at this comittee’s commitment  in putting on their new event. It will be a fun one.

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