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September 1, 2011

Dear John,

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I took the time this rare Sunday that I wasn’t timing a race to slide into the back row of The Packing House, a Bible based church in Redlands.  They definitely pack them in. The church was full.  I bowed into a remaining seat in time to hear, “in the beginning was God.”

Ever read the book of John? “In the beginning was God…” The lead in line! Incomprehensible. How could God just always have been? John says God made everything.  And nothing that exists was not made by Him.  And Jesus was there too, in the beginning making everything. What??  This makes me know that God is not found through intellectual knowledge. How can we possibly grasp something that always was? Faith?  Believing that something grander than we could ever comprehend created it all.

So is God something to intellectualize, or Someone we ought to get to know?   I lean toward the Someone we ought to get to know side of the fence.

So a miner lived his life simply living in a one room cabin with an outhouse ignored and never visited by any of his family.  He died.  When the kin were notified, a carload of family looters drove the miles and miles to his forested mountain shanty. They picked through his place disappointedly. Finding nothing of much value, they loaded antique mining equipment to pawn away and disgustedly drove away.

On the dirt road back to the highway, another miner was walking up the road.  He flagged the carload down and introduced himself as a friend of the miner that had passed away. He asked if he could have anything left at the cabin.  The carload snorted. “Sure.  We picked through anything of value.  Have at it.”

The miner meandered up to his friend’s now empty cabin.  He moved the table, pulled up a floor board and pulled out three socks full of gold nuggets that his friend had acquired over all those years of mining.

Only his closest friends knew what treasures were hidden in knowing this cast off miner.  I think God’s treasures are hidden for those who get to know Him.

Might be the purpose of life to get to know Him.



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