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August 30, 2011

IT was a SPLASH! Lived up to its name. Wet n Wild

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With temperatures soaring over 100 degrees this event came at a timely time of the year.  It seems like everyone is enjoying a ‘party’ type race.  People came grouped in socks.  A pair came in ‘a pair’ of pink pull on, stretch, flourescent pink body suits.  I only found one of the guys to grab for a snap shot.  He  said he had to run off and find the buddy that talked him into buying these from a thrift store and coming to this event in them.  He said he did not have enough man confidence to being running around in it alone…so off trotted the guywho at least had guts to really have fun with this event to find the other guy who had the same kind of guts! We ,of course, liked how they stood out in the crowd with that PRIME TIME flourescent pink.  It is what we do as a company.  ARE STNAD OUTS IN A CROWD.  The pink is meant for us to see the timing staff working hard in among you runners.   And that is what I proudly watched our staff do last Saturday at this event.  They hustled and worked non stop to keep registration, the start, the finish operating while thousands of you poured toward the finish …dripping wet, but with smiles on your races. 

Wet n Wild was held at Wild Rivers in Irvine.  I am told their lease is up and that Wild Rivers will be closing at their current location by Irvine Spectrum. The  Wet n Wild 5k is so popular it will live on and may be held at Knotts Berry Farm’s Water Park in 2012.  It will always be a good August based run at any wet location!  Wet N Wild is hosted by Strong Tower Ministries, an organization that helps the needy; needy kids  here in the states, and needy kids in Mexico.  Visit  My staff so welcomed working with this group of hard-working, roll up their sleeves, take action and really help people …people.  They stand strongly on their convictions to live what they believe.  Now, that’s convicting…and refreshing. They did a great job staging their event. 

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