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August 29, 2011

At the top of Mt. San Jacinto

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This time I called a business planning meeting  on a ride up a Gondola from Palm Springs on Mt. San Jacinto.  From the tram , it’s a 5 mile plus hike up 2,000 more feet to a reward perch atop a rock with all the ‘world’ to see. the tiny spinning white wind mills revolving electricity in a natural  way  are sticking out so unnaturally posted in the desert below they are artisitc…attractive.  Mount San Gorgonio is at eye level across the  arid chasm .  A pencil line that has to be Interstate 10  is etched 10,836 feet below. And the rolling hills block the marine layer that shrouds the pacific ocean.  It is 74 glorious degrees while it was 113 at the base.  And that shrouded ocean was fanning an even more glorious breeze of free fresh air.  So worth the climb.  And to top it off, there were climbers bouldering that we got to join.  And meadows still green, and flowers still blooming, and a cute creek still bubbling thanks to a high snow yield year that just recently melted fully off.  AHHHHhhh the soul gets to say.  And yes, the mind gets to open up.  The first steps on the trail were opened with a question.  “What’s the purpose of life?” That was better to ponder than business contracts and systems.  We leisurely and happily whittled away at this topic and never needed to come to an answer.  The deer we discovered grazing.  The hawk soaring.  The quiet quick clouds swirling had a better answer.  It was a great day.  Save the poor 16-year-old we took up with us and got altitude sickness. It can happen to the best of anyone.  Picture pounding blood vessels punching the brain and it would give you a pounding headache too.  So pounding that a lot of people get sick to their stomach.  Descending helps relieve the pressure and the setting sun helped us do that quickly.  So the sun set as we traveled down the tram line swaying precariously after every tower and I can’t remember if we ever addressed the purpose of life.  I think we were living it today.

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