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August 13, 2011

Top of the World!

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Tired…tired of competition. So lets tackle the ‘likes’. I LIKE to be on top of mountains. I LIKE to be outdoors. I LIKE to exert myself. I LIKE to breath fresh air. So I took my PRIME TIME staff to the TOP of MT BALDY. It seems enormously remote, unattainable, and far away from Los Angeles. Truth is. It’s a feasable day hike so worth the vista views. Drive up Mountain Ave out of Upland and end up at the base of the ski lift. It is open Fri, Sat, and Sunday for rides to the hut and a 4 mile hike later along the Devils Backbone and you are ON TOP OD THE WORLD watching Monarch butterflies flutter, a private helicopter practicing touch downs at over 10,000 feet in gusty winds, and the last snow patch in the San Bernardinos surviving on the hairless mountain. It’s baldness is bold and its views are panoramic. We were thrilled to use a day of hiking as our ‘planning’ meeting for the success of our fall. Cris found a rock and a theme for us. And we declared PRIME TIME to be about a lifestyle, not just a service. We were going to practice active. Fists and voices raised in victory ,we let the winds carry our voices out to infinity. That’s a top of a mountain experience.

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