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August 13, 2011

Spinning World

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USA Masters Heptathletes

So off to World’s I went. Being not prepared for a World class competition had nothing to do with Chad n Bianca’s style of training. In fact, we endured the mid-day heat on a track running through all the Heptathlon events…just to be ready for the heat of competition and the heat of the place. Sacramento screamed 103 degrees the days I was there. And I, at 5’10”, was a shorty in the field of over 6 foot women. The Heptathlon is a two day competition that combines seven track events. It starts with the hurdles and moves through high jump, shot put, and the 200 meters. The second day is the long jump, javelin, and 800 meters. All the field events take a long time getting through 3 attempts by each competitor. The check in time was 7am and we didn’t step off the track until late afternoon. We all felt the 103 temperatures. And I felt the burn of bad air in my lungs. Not sure what the mix is up in Sacramento, but that all too familiar burn I felt as a child in Los Angeles was clogging my airways. I had failed to gain any enthusiasm about Worlds because it was dab smack in Sacramento. Though the officiating and set up was well organized, I continued to see no hurrah for Sacramento. So many other places to invite 8000 plus athletes in America. So I encouraged the South African lady who paid over $6,000 to get to the meet to take at least a trip to Lake Tahoe or San Francisco before making any first time conclusions about the USA. The one nice touch was the Citizen Hotel’s 12th floor view of firework shows on the 4th of July and the added touch of bringing an apple pie a la mode to each room. That was coolish.
I did not do well. Hit hurdles. Jumped out early. And lost all interest in the 800. An entire year had gone by and I was still running with a flat tire…tired became the haunting word. I was just too tired. So tired from so many things. I cannot begin to tell you what gripped me as I fell back from the pack on the second lap of that 800m. Hard to run with a lump in your throat.. Though I came in 5th in the 2011 World track & Field Championships, I knew I had a life flat that would not be repaired by the time I had to run the open 400 hurdles or the 2000m Steeple chase.
I jogged out a warm down lap, picked up my javelin, shoes, and gear…and headed, very resolved, to the rental car. Within a half hour, still in my USA uniform, I was at the airport exchanging my ticket and heading to Jackson Hole, Wyoming.
Now, that’s more like it.

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