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August 12, 2011

CROSSFIT: Trained by Cupcake

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I was the first to move into this industrial complex. Very few ventured with me. The newly built, nicely lamped units

stood empty whispering ‘don’t forget, it’s a bad economy’. Except for the fitness industry. A karate school finally went in at the far corner. And a few months ago, three men in firefighter tees came stumbling out of a unit gasping for air. A marine fit man followed them. Counting, encouraging, he commanded steadfast commitment as they swung axes and clapped jumping jacks. He was opening Royal Dungeon Cross fit Gym in Redlands. His name was Chad and was a accompanied by a stunningly beautiful and equally fit partner named Bianca. I was thrilled. I had no idea what CROSSFIT was, but I liked them instantly. I admired their fitness level, but was more taken how personable, impish, inviting, and playful the atmosphere was in there vaulted gym. It was full of strange things like ropes dangling from the ceiling, rowers, stacks of medicine balls, and weighted vests.
And it had workouts on the wall called WODS and AMP RAMPS. Chalk marks were dinked on the asphalt for reps done. And very intimidating buckets had the word ‘puke’ written on them. I had wailed that my cardio and fitness were ghastly fading as I worked long, roving hours at my business. Chad is a great balance of professional, well trained marine, knowledgeable and focused trainer who LOVES BEYOND LOVES what he does, yet, still processing boyish play and wonder. Bianca is his perfect match. Petite and sublimely mighty, one of those so comfortable in her own skin you are, too, comfortable around her. Love her laugh.
So YES. SCORE. A place to train. Chad literally showed me the ropes and turned me on to WODS and AMP RAMPS… a series of ever varying workouts that have to do with rounds and timed elements done in minutes with runs and rows thrown in. The variety and total involvement of core and body makes your fitness come around quickly . Your body becomes able to respond to all kinds of varying demands because you are making it get used to it.
When I told Chad I had to get ready for a track and field World Competition with very little time and even less chances to get on a track, he said he’d have me train with CUPCAKE. I came to the gym the next morning asking which one of the instructors was Cupcake? Everyone in the gym laughed as they pointed to Cupcake. Cupcake was a 145 lb. tractor tire!!
Needless to say, I have been luffing ‘cupcake’ up and down the back alley. Weighting 9 lbs. more than me it takes grip, lift, and catapult to land her end over end….over and over and over again. Grab that puke bucket! World’s or bust…I am training Chad n Bianca style.

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