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August 30, 2011

IT was a SPLASH! Lived up to its name. Wet n Wild

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With temperatures soaring over 100 degrees this event came at a timely time of the year.  It seems like everyone is enjoying a ‘party’ type race.  People came grouped in socks.  A pair came in ‘a pair’ of pink pull on, stretch, flourescent pink body suits.  I only found one of the guys to grab for a snap shot.  He  said he had to run off and find the buddy that talked him into buying these from a thrift store and coming to this event in them.  He said he did not have enough man confidence to being running around in it alone…so off trotted the guywho at least had guts to really have fun with this event to find the other guy who had the same kind of guts! We ,of course, liked how they stood out in the crowd with that PRIME TIME flourescent pink.  It is what we do as a company.  ARE STNAD OUTS IN A CROWD.  The pink is meant for us to see the timing staff working hard in among you runners.   And that is what I proudly watched our staff do last Saturday at this event.  They hustled and worked non stop to keep registration, the start, the finish operating while thousands of you poured toward the finish …dripping wet, but with smiles on your races. 

Wet n Wild was held at Wild Rivers in Irvine.  I am told their lease is up and that Wild Rivers will be closing at their current location by Irvine Spectrum. The  Wet n Wild 5k is so popular it will live on and may be held at Knotts Berry Farm’s Water Park in 2012.  It will always be a good August based run at any wet location!  Wet N Wild is hosted by Strong Tower Ministries, an organization that helps the needy; needy kids  here in the states, and needy kids in Mexico.  Visit  My staff so welcomed working with this group of hard-working, roll up their sleeves, take action and really help people …people.  They stand strongly on their convictions to live what they believe.  Now, that’s convicting…and refreshing. They did a great job staging their event. 

August 29, 2011

At the top of Mt. San Jacinto

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This time I called a business planning meeting  on a ride up a Gondola from Palm Springs on Mt. San Jacinto.  From the tram , it’s a 5 mile plus hike up 2,000 more feet to a reward perch atop a rock with all the ‘world’ to see. the tiny spinning white wind mills revolving electricity in a natural  way  are sticking out so unnaturally posted in the desert below they are artisitc…attractive.  Mount San Gorgonio is at eye level across the  arid chasm .  A pencil line that has to be Interstate 10  is etched 10,836 feet below. And the rolling hills block the marine layer that shrouds the pacific ocean.  It is 74 glorious degrees while it was 113 at the base.  And that shrouded ocean was fanning an even more glorious breeze of free fresh air.  So worth the climb.  And to top it off, there were climbers bouldering that we got to join.  And meadows still green, and flowers still blooming, and a cute creek still bubbling thanks to a high snow yield year that just recently melted fully off.  AHHHHhhh the soul gets to say.  And yes, the mind gets to open up.  The first steps on the trail were opened with a question.  “What’s the purpose of life?” That was better to ponder than business contracts and systems.  We leisurely and happily whittled away at this topic and never needed to come to an answer.  The deer we discovered grazing.  The hawk soaring.  The quiet quick clouds swirling had a better answer.  It was a great day.  Save the poor 16-year-old we took up with us and got altitude sickness. It can happen to the best of anyone.  Picture pounding blood vessels punching the brain and it would give you a pounding headache too.  So pounding that a lot of people get sick to their stomach.  Descending helps relieve the pressure and the setting sun helped us do that quickly.  So the sun set as we traveled down the tram line swaying precariously after every tower and I can’t remember if we ever addressed the purpose of life.  I think we were living it today.

August 25, 2011

Hidden treasure…in a blog

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Go back to my blog in Nov…”100 years”.  I introduced you to a gentleman that will be turning 90 in a few months, Karlis Smiltens.  Karlis is Latvian and served in World War II,  and LIVED.  I always thought he had to be one of only a few young men that were fortunate to live through that time.   His story and the  water colored, haunting sketches he had done during those dark days of history were humbly kept in his head and stacked neatly away in his home.  I made my kids get to know Karlis and subjected them to his living history, a much more embedding way to understand the real impact of war.

A call last week further confirmed that my hunch that this quiet, under exposed,  artistic man was in fact one of the few that did survive.  A thick Russian accent in broken English explained that he was hired to do a documentary about Latvians that survived the war.  His task was proving to be difficult.  In a worldwide search he found only five living WW II Latvian men.

I had visited Latvia last summer to have Karlis escort us to The National War Museum in Riga where he had just handed over most those paintings he had tucked away all those years.  He was 88 years old at the time.  It just so happen to coincide when I was competing in Worlds in Finland that he was there visiting.  A  less than a two hour plane hop popped my daughter and I in Riga.  I was taken by how beautiful the Latvian women were and how well groomed and dressed.  He explained that the ratio of women to men was so upsetted by the war that women had to put  charm for the few attentions of the few men. Learned charm had been handed down through the generations.  Not sure if that is true, but the truth was…all these years later, these young women shopping along in Riga were takenly beautiful.  Even my teen daughter amused.

Well, this Russian found Karlis on my November 2010 Blog.

He had been assigned a film crew of Latvians whom wished to come to Karlis’s two room studio and film his story. They thanked me and said Karlis, who doesn’t own a computer, cell phone,  nor twitters or posts on face book would had ever  been uncovered had I not blabbed on my blog about him.  They arrived in Southern California  just a few days later, cameras, thick accents, and all.

A successful Latvian doctor, now Chicago based, had funded a full documentary on Latvian World War II Veterans.  He had lived through years that harrowed no other and he wanted his country’s story to be preserved and told.  The film crew spent four full days discovering and recording Karlis’s war torn teen years and the paintings he had done that expressed  bleakness and death.  He would explain with his eyes drawn to the ground that those years had no color…and his paintings of the time were shades of greys and weary greens.  Partly because there was no money for colors and partly because there was just no color deserved of the time.  He would remind me as I tackled hardships here in the USA with business, finances, or family that  hard times were when two men came upon a women, grabbed her, took her shoes off, and walked away leaving her barefoot.  Shoes were hard to come by.

It took Karlis over seven years to get to the states and reunited with his sister after the war.  He used his artistic side to get him employed illustrating for the cartoon Cecil and Beanie and later Walt Disney Studios.  He also did lots of race t-shirts.  If you ran Fontana Days Half Marathon & 5K from 1985 to 2000, those were his t-shirt designs.  He designed our PRIME TIME logo with the simple, but distinct timing clock.

He has only sold one painting in his life, but hey, Van Gough never sold a painting in his entire  life. Since Karlis gave  most his war paintings to the National War Museum in Riga, Latvia  there is sudden interest . Who  is this meticulous man who has chosen to live single and simple, and  had all these paintings stored under the bed and floor boards of his two room studio apartment in the United States?

August 20, 2011

Excercise that entertains

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”Shore break Hotel® is an upscale lifestyle Huntington Beach, hotel, centrally located along the alluring California coastline, just north of Newport Beach and Laguna Beach, in the original Surf City USA. Set on the famous strand of Huntington Beach which annually hosts the US Open of Surfing, guests can enjoy ocean views, a vibrant setting in the new downtown Strand complex, and traditional American favorites at Zimzala restaurant to ensure a California experience like no other”.
So the website reads. I stayed one night there and it lived up to every word of it. I just happened to be in the town  a few days before the USA Surf Open. It was a huge commercial undertaking. Entire air conditioned tent buildings were going up on the beach. Huge big screen monitors were in the last phase of erection. They were as big as an old time drive in theatre screen. They hung on the pier so the hundreds of thousands that would be attending the Surf open could actually see the surfers. Event T-shirt tents were already on every street corner.
I  grabbed a breakfast at the Zimzala which has outdoor stool tables and a second story balcony view of the street below.   The beach is out on the horizon. So cool, and so Huntington beachy, was a yoga class conducted on the street. Mats were rolled out and close to one hundred people were in down dog position. Exercise made fun.
And why was I in Huntington Beach? To spend a day with my visiting father, yes, but to be able to get to the USA Cross fit Nationals held at the Home Depot Center in Carson. This cross fit theme of exercise is intriguing me…and catching my interest. Check out my blog on ‘training with Cupcake’ and see that it is the marine/naval seal way of mixing exercise with dexterity, core strength, lifting, running, pumping in such a wide variety of ways you dare to ever get bored with the workouts. I wanted to see who0 also was interested and how many. The entirely full parking lot of fit bodied people walking giddily to the event confirmed this was a new popular sport. We watched in the stands as if was the gladiator days. Man, woman, and body tried their skills at walking hand stands across a football field, or timed wod routines while the clubs cheered the intensity. Pushups, pull ups, jump roping, and kettle bell swings. Our club was in the stands cheering away. And there was a fun sense of belonging. It was unexpectedly great.

August 13, 2011


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“Give me where to stand, and I will move the earth.”

Top of the World!

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Tired…tired of competition. So lets tackle the ‘likes’. I LIKE to be on top of mountains. I LIKE to be outdoors. I LIKE to exert myself. I LIKE to breath fresh air. So I took my PRIME TIME staff to the TOP of MT BALDY. It seems enormously remote, unattainable, and far away from Los Angeles. Truth is. It’s a feasable day hike so worth the vista views. Drive up Mountain Ave out of Upland and end up at the base of the ski lift. It is open Fri, Sat, and Sunday for rides to the hut and a 4 mile hike later along the Devils Backbone and you are ON TOP OD THE WORLD watching Monarch butterflies flutter, a private helicopter practicing touch downs at over 10,000 feet in gusty winds, and the last snow patch in the San Bernardinos surviving on the hairless mountain. It’s baldness is bold and its views are panoramic. We were thrilled to use a day of hiking as our ‘planning’ meeting for the success of our fall. Cris found a rock and a theme for us. And we declared PRIME TIME to be about a lifestyle, not just a service. We were going to practice active. Fists and voices raised in victory ,we let the winds carry our voices out to infinity. That’s a top of a mountain experience.

Why Wide Wyoming…

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Because I just love it. Something about the jagged mountains, the valleys, the flowers, the grass, the lakes, the sky, the cowboys, the climbers, Teton Mountaineering and the people it attracts that work there. Mountain bikes and hiking shoes. Backpacks and Suburus. And even snow worthy 1987 944 Porsches!!I will let the pics tell the story. It is one of my very favorite places on earth.

Spinning World

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USA Masters Heptathletes

So off to World’s I went. Being not prepared for a World class competition had nothing to do with Chad n Bianca’s style of training. In fact, we endured the mid-day heat on a track running through all the Heptathlon events…just to be ready for the heat of competition and the heat of the place. Sacramento screamed 103 degrees the days I was there. And I, at 5’10”, was a shorty in the field of over 6 foot women. The Heptathlon is a two day competition that combines seven track events. It starts with the hurdles and moves through high jump, shot put, and the 200 meters. The second day is the long jump, javelin, and 800 meters. All the field events take a long time getting through 3 attempts by each competitor. The check in time was 7am and we didn’t step off the track until late afternoon. We all felt the 103 temperatures. And I felt the burn of bad air in my lungs. Not sure what the mix is up in Sacramento, but that all too familiar burn I felt as a child in Los Angeles was clogging my airways. I had failed to gain any enthusiasm about Worlds because it was dab smack in Sacramento. Though the officiating and set up was well organized, I continued to see no hurrah for Sacramento. So many other places to invite 8000 plus athletes in America. So I encouraged the South African lady who paid over $6,000 to get to the meet to take at least a trip to Lake Tahoe or San Francisco before making any first time conclusions about the USA. The one nice touch was the Citizen Hotel’s 12th floor view of firework shows on the 4th of July and the added touch of bringing an apple pie a la mode to each room. That was coolish.
I did not do well. Hit hurdles. Jumped out early. And lost all interest in the 800. An entire year had gone by and I was still running with a flat tire…tired became the haunting word. I was just too tired. So tired from so many things. I cannot begin to tell you what gripped me as I fell back from the pack on the second lap of that 800m. Hard to run with a lump in your throat.. Though I came in 5th in the 2011 World track & Field Championships, I knew I had a life flat that would not be repaired by the time I had to run the open 400 hurdles or the 2000m Steeple chase.
I jogged out a warm down lap, picked up my javelin, shoes, and gear…and headed, very resolved, to the rental car. Within a half hour, still in my USA uniform, I was at the airport exchanging my ticket and heading to Jackson Hole, Wyoming.
Now, that’s more like it.

August 12, 2011

CROSSFIT: Trained by Cupcake

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I was the first to move into this industrial complex. Very few ventured with me. The newly built, nicely lamped units

stood empty whispering ‘don’t forget, it’s a bad economy’. Except for the fitness industry. A karate school finally went in at the far corner. And a few months ago, three men in firefighter tees came stumbling out of a unit gasping for air. A marine fit man followed them. Counting, encouraging, he commanded steadfast commitment as they swung axes and clapped jumping jacks. He was opening Royal Dungeon Cross fit Gym in Redlands. His name was Chad and was a accompanied by a stunningly beautiful and equally fit partner named Bianca. I was thrilled. I had no idea what CROSSFIT was, but I liked them instantly. I admired their fitness level, but was more taken how personable, impish, inviting, and playful the atmosphere was in there vaulted gym. It was full of strange things like ropes dangling from the ceiling, rowers, stacks of medicine balls, and weighted vests.
And it had workouts on the wall called WODS and AMP RAMPS. Chalk marks were dinked on the asphalt for reps done. And very intimidating buckets had the word ‘puke’ written on them. I had wailed that my cardio and fitness were ghastly fading as I worked long, roving hours at my business. Chad is a great balance of professional, well trained marine, knowledgeable and focused trainer who LOVES BEYOND LOVES what he does, yet, still processing boyish play and wonder. Bianca is his perfect match. Petite and sublimely mighty, one of those so comfortable in her own skin you are, too, comfortable around her. Love her laugh.
So YES. SCORE. A place to train. Chad literally showed me the ropes and turned me on to WODS and AMP RAMPS… a series of ever varying workouts that have to do with rounds and timed elements done in minutes with runs and rows thrown in. The variety and total involvement of core and body makes your fitness come around quickly . Your body becomes able to respond to all kinds of varying demands because you are making it get used to it.
When I told Chad I had to get ready for a track and field World Competition with very little time and even less chances to get on a track, he said he’d have me train with CUPCAKE. I came to the gym the next morning asking which one of the instructors was Cupcake? Everyone in the gym laughed as they pointed to Cupcake. Cupcake was a 145 lb. tractor tire!!
Needless to say, I have been luffing ‘cupcake’ up and down the back alley. Weighting 9 lbs. more than me it takes grip, lift, and catapult to land her end over end….over and over and over again. Grab that puke bucket! World’s or bust…I am training Chad n Bianca style.

August 2, 2011

Stand outs in a crowd!

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Here are some just fun, motivated people that have used RUNNING to accomplish some unique goals. When a 5 year watched the Tsuamis on television, she went and got her piggy bank and brought it to her parents. She said those kids are going to need some food. She then decided that wasn’t enough. to run in the local community 5k for that cause. The word got out and this 5 year raised over 1,000 in jog-a-thon style support. Hats off. Here’s a mom that has her whole entire family on the fitness wagon through running.I could hear the brothers cheering and encouraging each other on as they clapped each other in at the finish. Way to go. Mom. How about this? Two sisters that have made it to nationals in the Hepathalon. And clowning makes the miles breeze by for this triathlete encouraging a younger generation to just try making small distances first.

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