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June 22, 2011


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NOLAN is a world class track runner...and more world class trumpeter. came to run in the sand!

I esteem Jeff Atkinson and his beachy, surf’s up style of race directing. He offers the Yuletide in December and the Manhattan Beach 5k in June. Enjoy running right at the water’s edge, grab an award, and his encouragement is to not leave without enjoying his town. This time he said I had to go rent a bike and wait for the WIGGED party. So I did. Of course, I picked a PRIME TIME pink one. But I had no idea what a ‘wigged’ party was. The locals try to scheme up any way to spend a sunny Saturday on their beach. They brought a trash bag full of wigs and start riding from establishment to establishment in celebrating of any excuse they can come up with. This time it was someone’s birthday I didn’t even know and it did not matter. The intent is to pick up riders along the way and grow the party. It was a kick riding along the bike path with wigs and it was the BEST way to end a tense week on an unwigged out note. Everyone thought the same thought. GIGGLE. It was a perfect, sunny beachy day. I like your town, Jeff and the people that live there. Thank you , Jeff.

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