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February 24, 2011

BURNING RUBBER! These kids are making NIKE make racing flats.

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The Riverside Raincross 5k brought a coglomerate crowd. Police officers and their families, academy battalions were there to honor an officer that had been slain in the line of duty. People came to run because it was a great day to run in the park. And these three kids came because it was a great day to race.
Jeremy Beck came in with the top guys, just behind a Kenyan and two elite adults. Jeremy runs on a team called the Corona Panthers. He is only 14yrs old. He is currently homeschooled and uses running as a fitness outlet. He said he started running because his older sister runs for Steve Scott at San Marcos. She took him to a 5k race and he was hooked. He says he likes to run the 1500 and 3000 in track meets.
One of his teammates, Raymun Ornelas is only 10 years old. Raymun was sporting the fanciest of Nike Waffle racing flats. We were all delighted to see Nike made them in youth sizes and even more encouraged that youth are training and wearing them! Raymun says he has already been running for 4 years. He says he trains Monday through Thursday and also plays basketball.
Along side of them, on the front lines was another obviously fit young gentleman. Aren Salas was all the way from Clovis and there to run a 5k at 8 years old. The serious, deep set look in his eyes showed he meant business when it came to running. He said his mom was his trainer. She drove the SUV while he ran along side it. Picture that. You, go, mom. Her young son was fit from the training sessions.

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