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January 31, 2011

Tech-as in Texas

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Texas. Big, roamy, cattle country Texas is actually home to great and innovative computer technology. Our chip timing program is born and raised there. We flew to Texas to learn Yoda style from the master mind that developed our chip timing program. Dealing with electronics outdoors, in the elements, on the spot, and live, with thousands of runner’s expectations for timely and accurate results, is specially intense requiring fast actions with instantaneous fixes. We actually play and rehearse potentials for data crash landings just to be prepared. This is making us good timing pilots and a solid timing company. That is why we went to Texas.
What strikes me different about Texan races? The food they serve at the finish line. No wimps here nibbling on dainty bagels and orange wedges! They had a team of grey haired ladies flipping huge sausages on a grill and dishing out beans, salsa, and rice TEX- MEX style. Yay-yeah. And a chunk of the crowd wore shirts that said TEXAS just to remind you that you were where you really were…in a big place, with big pride about that place. PS. Did I tell you this area of Texas was experiencing a record cold spell and the temperatures were far below that mark that freezes water? Burrr.

Have to say, I relished a few down days in San Antonio and pleasured in restuaranting and running that city’s unique draw, the Riverwalk. Smart planners back in the 1920’s reacted to a life taking flood by designing a channel for the San Antonio River to flow right through the heart of the town. They had the foresight that the banks would someday become restaurants, and lush walk ways, and hotels. It was one of the most refreshing places I have ever hung out at. After ditching a bad hotel experience, I found an even cheaper discount, but was treated to a 23 story restored bank building with a tiny pool and Jacuzzi nested on the roof. This bird’s perch gave me surround views of the Alamo and the adobe, brick, and limestone churches and buildings. The airy, edginess of being up so high and so close to complete drop offs made it feel like being on a thrill ride in a theme park . It was the perch beyond perches to witness the sun setting over the city. Oh, yeah, that sun that throws hues across the sky when it sets. I had almost forgotten about it.

My balcony overlooked a quaint town square with benches, fountains, and a very Texan looking adobe church. The church bells chimed you back almost two hundred years. I wanted to adorn a coon skin hat and fight to save the life of Davie Crocket. Seriously.
The porches and restored homes in the King Williams district let you know this town started out with prosperity. Huge, doughy pecan cinnamon rolls that even your grandma could not out make were served at the Gunther House. That is the dough I can afford! I ate not just one of the sticky buns, but two. Thought I could get away with it because I was using the stair well of my hotel as my track training ground. Sprinting 8 to 10 flights at a time feels very much like the last 40 yards of a 400m run.
I ventured out to a town called Kerrville. Here, snow birds are buying acres of land beyond the ranches and clearing roadways to level spots for homes that will overlook vastness I have only seen in the Blue Mountains of Australia or the Outback! I hung out with a couple from California that was delighting in the arduous work of clearing land for their retirement home. They were originally from Michigan and wanted to join their comrades who vowed to live beyond the reaches of snow. Funny thing. There was snow on the ground here. And a menacing wind was blowing cold right from that native land to the north they were laboring to leave. But the Texans reminded me this was unseasonably cold as compared to how toughening the hot of their summer can be. The hardened looking chaparral told me they weren’t exaggerating. Ouch. I just bumped into a cactus.

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