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January 30, 2011

My mommy is…

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As we rushed…I mean rushed to re-situate the mats for the finish line before the first runner came in, these young boys caught my eye. They were dutifully holding poster board signs in wait for their mom to finish her half marathon. They eye searched every approaching runner with the same seriousness the Secret Service does a crowd around the President. It can typically take up to two hours to complete a half marathon, but that did not derail these young men. They had a mission and that was to let their mom know her accomplishment of 13.1 miles meant something. They were not going to miss her, no sir, despite the crowd.
I had to snap a picture of the reunited lot when she finally was spotted and finished to their cheers. Hopefully, I captured their expressed joy over their “mom” taking up running and finishing her very first long distance race. I have no idea who this family was, but they made me smile to myself the rest of the morning as we packed up the over 4,000 person event. I only hope more and more people are cheered on to start up something new.
The cool thing about running? It can become a pursuit by anyone, at any time, at any age. It can be started up with a pair of shoes, the gumption to run some miles, and picking any event distance, size, place, or date . There is great reward in publically participating with hundreds of other bib bearing runners. You can find events in Southern California on or
Races guaranteed to have timely and accurate timing can be found on in their calendar section! Course those are our PRIME TIMEd events. I am a little biased about our staff and ability to time.
Three easy steps to social running are: Pick a good fitting pair of shoes. Now run in them. ( Consistency helps.) Then pick events that sound fun, inviting, or challenging. Something different to do than the couch. Posted results divide you into a gender and age category so you can see how you rank and improve against those in your same bracket.
That is why road racing is so popular. Not only are you one in the pack, you are also scoring against only a small bracket in your similar age group. I hope to see lots of other sports do this so people at any age can continue to enjoy the hobby, health, and fulfillment of sport.
I have been campaigning, participating, training and racing in master’s (over 35 yr olds) track & field. Check out master’s national and world competitions at and my website I am hurdling, jumping, throwing, and sprinting my way around the world for much the same reason I am going to run a remote marathon on every continent. Just to do it.
As an update to those that have followed my blog from its inception in February 2010, an opportunity to potentially have the remote marathons culminate into a documentary has put my next remote marathons off until August of 2011. In the meantime, I am shocked by the melting away of muscle and core strength that came with shuffling at the same, slow grueling pace as I did the mileage for the Austrailian Outback Marathon this past August.. Endurance I built. Speed I speedily lost. Booty too. Opps.
I am going to use this window of wait as an opportunity to pour it back on the track. The World Championships are being held right here in Sacramento, California this upcoming July. Track with me as I train for the Heptathlon, the combination of seven track events: hurdles, 800m, 200m, long jump, high jump, shot put, and javelin. All the while, I will still be doing all the preparatory work to line up future travel treks to the Himalayas for a Tibetan supported marathon from the Base Camp of Mt. Everest, running the safari lands with Kenyans around the base of Kilimanjaro, and counting turtles in Spanish in the Galapagos Islands. I already have a reservation on a boat headed to Antarctica in February, 2012. Even have a parka.
Getting to all these places will not come without planning, funding, and continuing to work, live, and produce. I am going to blog all about it so you can adventure with me to see how this all happens or hap hazards: how it finds, discovers, twists, and turns. It will be a live journal. A live journey. My flimsy waved poster reads ”my mommy ventures more than your mommy!!”

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