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January 15, 2011

Went for a long run.

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I went for a long run. I appreciate that I have a girl friend that understands my business obligations and travel absenteeism. She patiently checks in on me until we finally connect a time that fits both our busy schedules. This may take months.
I look forward to time with her. She trains for ironmans. We catch up on chatter as we either bike or run. Neither of us are the mall shopping kind of girls. Our friendship talks about the mundane and the yahoos of life while huffing over terrain. That’s more thrilling to me than a sale at Macy’s!
We met on the mountain, ditched one vehicle, and drove out of the ice and snow of Lake Arrowhead to what we call the backside. Off of Hwy 138 , Silverwood Lake shimmers, unattended in the winter months. There are rolling hills dotted with desert chaparral, still scarred from the mass fire that swept the entire valley only hours after I ran in and retrieved our parked truck back in 2003. We dropped 2,000 feet down and parked at an empty Ranger station. We had to leap over riverettes that were the last trace of the flash flooding caused by the record breaking 23 inches of rain fall that had occurred over the past weeks. It finally got cold enough and the rain turned into inches of thick, tire skidding ice topped with a dusting of snow. We were taking advantage of this first day of no dismal weather.
We hadn’t expected snow to have fallen this low. The desert had only received a dusting, but the arctic air temperatures had kept this deceptively sunny looking vastness…frozen. There was snow on the trail. We didn’t complain because the sparkling landscape with its brush and crystal air was sterling and stunningly beautiful. We felt reverently respectful that we were healthy enough and adventurous enough to enjoy such an exercise expanse. And we respected the fact we were in a remote mountainous area. We had sited mountain lions in this area on our bikes a year earlier. We knew they were capable of roaming here.
We examined animal tracks in the snow. Coyote, rabbits, deer, and funky bird patterns, but no lions…and no humans. Our new crunches in the snow were the first to venture in this area in weeks. The awe of it all made the run even more rewarding. The trail was single wide and slick. I took a couple of tumbles in my saucony racing flats. My iron nimble friend got to stay on her feet. But each curve produced a great view as we jogged along the hills that housed the lake. And without even feeling the mileage, two hours went quickly by. The run felt like I had been beamed to a remote place, but was only hours from Los Angeles. I had to muse that I had spent a good portion of a month exploring remoteness in Australia and New Zealand and running the Outback Marathon and yet, the same awe-ness of remoteness was felt right here. Right in Southern California! Ahhh.
Days later my left hip tendon began to complain from the impact and twisting of the falls. Hope it doesn’t nag and linger too long. But I will put up with bruises any day to have a true friend like her. Conversation had been the best part of being out though we talked of nothing in particular. I enjoyed the surface talk that didn’t pry for the whirlpools in my life. She knew without asking how swift the current current was for me. I silently returned understanding that her calls to check on me was to make sure I hadn’t drown.
Thank you for demonstrating true, unconditional friendship. That alone gives me enough strength to keep swimming during rapids and tumultuous sections of the river of life. I think I went over the waterfall.
She gave to me what most of us need; non-judging acceptance that welcomes a person past their flaws, choices, or circumstances. There was so much I didn’t talk to her about. I can’t even talk to myself right now. So she didn’t pry and it was reparative just to be out enjoying a sparkly day outside.
By the way, tumultuous is defined as full or turmoil; marked by disturbance and uproar. Raising a great clatter and commotion. Highly agitated, as the mind or emotions; distraught, turbulent. All of the above pertain to a life going through divorce. All felt like they were describing my 2010. 2011 was the start of something quite different, and full of more hope and direction.

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