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January 15, 2011

Sketchers are the draw!

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We see a LOT of new product introduced at booths set up at the races. LOTS. What caught my eye long before the arrival of the Sketcher Resistance shoe with the kinetic energy sole ; was the sharply dressed, professionally postured young gal, Ashley that works for Sketchers marketing. Now, she has kinetic energy! I have known her when she helped manage running races. Beyond her natural beauty, she had a competitive, determined look in her eye; the kind of look that grabs corporate ladders by the rungs and catapults up. A capable look despite her young age.
I liked her candidness. She shared a younger perspective of life for me. Especially, about being the survivor of a divorced home. She made a strategic latch onto a business position in marketing. This marketing position had her reappear at vending booths at runs all over. She excitedly shared with me about this new, fully researched shoe that builds calf muscle and gluts while rolling the foot in its natural arc. Check them out on
My staff got a chance to. Two shipped boxes arrived and my entire timing crew gets to test these puppies on their feet at the races. We wore them in styling force to the Southern California Half Marathon mid January and will do so throughout the winter and spring.
I have to admit my mix of guys voiced skepticism about the shoe. My mix includes inner city, college aged, runners, metro, body builders, lifters, Asian, afro-American, Hispanic, white; and even a prison warden who likes doing something away from the inmates. Stop to think about it, we do have a solid, politically correct mix at PRIME TIME. Well, this “mix” was poking fun of the ads that the shoes tighten asses and firm up butts. They humored the idea verbally as they snatched boxes until they found their correct size.
But, guess what? Affirmation of the product came. My guys wear these shoes….everywhere. My weight lifting son… to college! They are admitting that the shoe fits. They like the solid feel. The stability. The fact that they feel like wearing a boot type running shoe. A shoe that supports the arc.
The true test will be in time. To see if it does, in fact, shape up their booties. I will keep you posted on their progress! Now, that will be the picture!

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