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January 3, 2011

A doughy New Year!

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I was treated to the privilege of experiencing a Norwegian Christmas. Handed down over the generations and brought to California through Minnesota farmers of Norwegian descent…this family used that grand family arena called the kitchen to spend the holiday making memories around tradition. They made breads and put green and red cherries in it and called it something like Ulechacha. It was deliciously better than the sound of its name. While nibbling at the left overs of their pecan cinnamon buns, they brought out a heating skillet, fired it up to 500 degrees, and started rolling out potato rolls, making them into precise pancakes handled agilely with wooden paddles, whom the adult brothers playfully poked and orchestrated each other with. The potato tortilla didn’t have much flavor, but the atmosphere in the kitchen did and that cemented the already very good Christmas my kids had expressed. I was so very thankful and could only send true love and wishes for those that had to experience the holidays alone. The year prior was never so long ago that I would not feel that alone one the rest of my life. Hope and love to those of you on the rough road…alone. I know you don’t want to hear it, but there is grace and there is a God and there are massive amounts of potential for warm days found in simple moments, but maybe not just yet.

The baker


The Potato dough

The paddles

Must be nice to be skilled in making DOUGH!

Rich Dough

AND just as YUM. Check out the DONUT MAN, a 24 hour donut shop in Glendora.
Meet the Man who knows how to make DOUGH! Don’t we all want to have this skill?!!!

Would be nice to make more than ends meet in 2011. But heck, if we can’t we can always eat simple and simply well! I like finding people that hone their skills…that are bordering on best in their field. I was introduced to THE DONUT MAN on 915 E Route 66, Glendora, Ca. 91741. Watch this mouth watering display of doughy skill . This is your daily dose of vitamin ‘g’…grease that is. But no shortage of carbs here. They are open 24 hours a day. And the glass windows give you front row visuals of the doughy donut making process…start to finish. Now, I like that kind of a race.

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