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December 23, 2010

A Little Washed up…

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River bed in Redlands

We ended the year with the YULETIDE Run in Manhattan Beach. This is fun Christmas event with most the crowd wearing raindeer ears and santa hats…and this year rain gear. The YULETIDE is ran on the sand during low tide. The lifeguards could annouce over the loud speaker off the pier of the approaching squalls. And sure enough, minutes after each anouncement we were hit with pelting rain and wind. We were able to time and entertain over 700 hearty souls who came and ran anyway. We knew better this year than to huddle under the pier for protection from the rain. There is a flood gate down there and minutes after each pelting rain squall it would turn into a river with rapids. That river, years ago caught us by surprise and washed all of us and our timing equipment out into the surging surf. Oh, my.

There were mud slides that took out the train tracks in Redlands. An entire hillside slid down and across the roads blocking me in for a day. The noramlly dry river bed came up to inches from overflowing. Our business in Redlands is thankfully on high ground. Everything cozy there. But our home in Lake Arrowhead experienced flood damage as water ran down the Chimney and into the master bedroom. You runners can appreciated the oder of soggy running shoes in a master bedroom closet. Oh, my some more. Record breaking inches of rain in the mountains and basin.

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