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November 1, 2010

TIME well spent.

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Every event could never happen without an army of volunteers.  It has to be one of the challenges of an event promoter…to get adequate number of volunteers willing to depart from their cozy beds and be outside helping do a mountain of tasks from registering runners, to handing out t-shirts, to slicing oranges, to directing parking, standing out on course corners, and handing out water cups at aid stations.  It has been a pleasure to meet such giving and cheerful people.  Thank you for volunteering.

I like accents.  I love accents.  I like voices.  And the individuality of people.  I get very little free time away from these events so I have made a conscious choice to meet and greet people at these events despite the pace and pressures that come with producing accurate data and times.  I could hear a deep Italian accent gentlemanly greeting the runners as they worked through the registration process.  I could tell he liked people.  And his ability to comfortably laugh and interact with the public made the runner’s experience of picking up their bibs that much more enjoyable.  I had to go down the line of volunteers and greet the voice.  I am glad I did.  The Italian man with two first names was delighted to share his love of his home country and told me the best way to experience it here was to dine at the Pizzacotta on San Vicente Blvd in Brentwood.  The small restaurant with huge delectable Italian dishes was run by two sisters.  I had to go.  And I got to experience what everyone said was so great about Italians.  They love!!!  They love their food, fine things, and fine people. And they savor and take their time.  That is what time is for. I was coached that you had to give up conversation the minute the food arrives and savor slow bites of hot food.  Something about the American Culture blows  it when it comes to choosing to use their time.  I am all about TIME.  That is what I do for a living.  But this was an evening learning how to use time very differently.  How to savor.  How to spend it with good company and good conversation.  And I was stunned at how differently TIME tasted in this mode. Delicious. It was a gifted evening for me.  I think I will SPEND more TIME using time differently.  Conversation that evening tasted as equally good as the food and all courses.  

Pizzacotto is like stepping into a Italian family's kitchen.

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