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October 23, 2010

Catch up…not the red stuff you put on french fries

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Ok.  So my blog froze at the Iberries Yogurt  Shop and the Promenade Run on the Peninsula.  And so did I.  Our mats were not reading on the tile surface of the outdoor courtyard.  Was steel reinforcement under the ground?  Maybe support footings for the parking structure?  Was it the clay in the tile?  Didn’t matter.  We were switching buttons,  than programs , and finally timing on our back up system.  Yeah, for my anal side that has to have two of everything.  Two clocks.  Two printers.  Too many staff.  And two timing systems.   That same issue arose at Chapman University’s Toyota 5K.  We were on an outside courtyard with the same tile.  At Chapman we now knew to remedy the low read field by moving the start and finish a few feet.  That said, there is a lot of unbeknownst when making electronic systems work and timing  run smoothly.

That is where my October, November, and December went.  We had lots of huge races to time.  Lots of quaint specialty races.  And a hoard of wireless ,5 transition station triathlons.  The potentiality of chip timing if the software was more flexible and better developed are wide open.  We spent  many  wee hours of the night working on potentials for future timing.  The day hours were filled processing data , assembling chips and race packets , and packing equipment.  And the weekends we were out there at all your running events making sure you had the time of your life! 

And we MOVED.  PRIME TIME is now snuggly nestled in a commerce center with a huge vaulted ceiling, drive in warehouse and an office.  Just in time.  Rain came.  And came.  And came.  We had some very weather driven races and it was so nice to pack for them in dry quarters with all the vehicles and trailers INSIDE!  Oh, the feeling of having rain run down your sleeves and back of your neck as you hoist up easy ups, registration signs, and scaffolding.

I have some catching up to do with you.  Check out the Terranea at  A night’s stay there was a complimentary perk gifted from the committee of the Promenade on the Peninsula. Loved the valet parking dudes that wore Indian Jones style hats and duds. Had to admit that 3:30am wakeup call was not welcomed and we had a hard time departing from such comfort.  We had dined at their café on the edge of the bluff.  Catalina Island silhouetted on the horizon. About that time, two Red Baron period bi-planes came cruising by at bluff level.  Oh, my.  The sun’s warmth.  Not being sure which was more blue, the ocean or the sky? My college son exclaimed.  “Dear California.  You are at your finest today.”

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