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October 16, 2010

I went on a work binge…

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I went on a BINGE.   Disappeared from this blog.  Spinning through the air.  Tumbling and bracing for the ground I am about to hit.   And I didn’t do it with your typical ill vices.  No alcohol with the disastrous ‘where have I been and what did I do?”.  Nor drugs with the delusional blacks out.  I had to vanish into work.  I took on the world of racing seriously.  I poured the same focused energies I engage to train into making my PRIME TIME Timing Company the solid professional company it is.  And I timed about every event you participated in this past fall.

There are a stock of stories, fun photos, intensities,  more of those life lessons, and thankfully a few laughs…and they are all stashed in blog folders all over my computers.  I am nearing the ground at a very alarming speed and I know that this pace will send me for a loop as I prepare to stop.  That parachute, full of a life too full, will fluff all around me.  When I finally halt from skidding across the dirt and STOP and sit upright I will get to share with you all about it.  That was quite a plane ride I just took.

Your patience during my absent interlude was appreciated.   I am so thankful to return to this blog. I will start posting tidbits of the past months.  But wow.  Give me a few minutes to shake the intensity  out of my head.  I think I have a work related hangover.  But what can I say, we did an incredible job.

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