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October 4, 2010

Iberries…the crop is finally ripe and ready for the pickins.

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July 20, 2010 I did a blog on Iberries, a computer boutique fresh, self-serve yogurt shop that just opened this year in Rolling Hills Estates at the Promenade.  The owner, Brian Reitmeier loves to run so he is putting on a race/walk  to showcase this jewel of an outdoor mall, his specialty yogurt shop, and a great town to run in.   Promenade on the Peninsula 5K is being held next Sunday, October 10, 2010.  I met with him on Sunday after timing an event to do a RUN THROUGH, as not to be confused with a walk through.  We discussed all the race day details from the expo vendors, to great product give-aways, to the stage already booked with multi talent, to the starts and finishes.  All while running his course.  That was challenging enough, but I could feel his at ease energy in his legs and his ability to hold down a table conversation while running.  Not near as winded as my still recovering ,post marathon , pre track training body. I was running pre race pace and he was clipping along at a recreational pace.  I had to ask.  What is your PR for a 5K.? Without a hint of lapsing breath, ”  16 minutes and change”.  Ohhhh.  I had barely ever broken 20.  Better stick to those 10 hurdles in 400 yards as my expertise race.  But I love learning to love running again.  And I love trails, and courses, and the people who love them too.  So this is a GREAT way to have a meeting and the reason I choose to do what I do for a living. Thank you, Brian.  And hats off ,too, to his partner Susan, whose love for dance detailed the stage portion of the event and gives IBERRIES that pristine look .  Check out the detail in the cut fruit to the polished floors and state of the art walls.  It is as slick an operation as its shiny floors.  And tasty beyond tasty.  They have grapefruit, kiwi, honey-dew melon to name a few flavors.  And not to forget the chocolates! What a light way to dessert.  It was as rich an experience as the San Diego extraordinary desserts, and just as inviting.  And healthier!

The course will be really fun.  It starts in the middle of the outdoor mall and runs DOWNHILL.  It makes a loop around the mall and back through for a three lap course that will thrill any spectator.  Check out this site to register or get more info on the race.  And Check this out to get more info on the yogurt shop  and the reason the yogurts are so detailingly light and delightful. .

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