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October 4, 2010

A kitchen formed concept…

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What’s in a weekend? I am a race timer ,so , you guessed it: packet picks ups and races. Because I end up in great places for just a moment, I have learned to excel at “few minute playgrounds”. I look for something I would not normally see and check it out…for a few minutes.  I darted down to San Diego to meet with race directors and ended the day in La Jolla getting ready for the Coastwise Mile.  La Jolla is an entirely unique beach cove expanse of stunning real estate.  One of the best I have ever seen in all my travels; even off this continent (save it does not win out over Tahitian sunsets and their coral corralled lagoons, but a close second). La Jolla is rich.  Rich in custom properties perched hillside over crashing waves that smoothed rock outcropping and give life to teaming tide pools, sun bathing seals, and lots of birds that unfortunately poop too much.  La Jolla has restaurants and shops and a grassed bluff that all spell a great ledge overlooking the sea. 

I had to drop bike racks off for the Fearless Triathlon happening on October 30,2010 in San Diego.  (Just when you thought you could survive a sprint distance, they come up with this!  A swim, bike, run, and then repeat the same a swim, bike, run….guaranteed cramper upper!)  The racks were dropped off at Kitchen Concepts.  My staff and I instantly found an instant “few minute playground”…photo moments in each decked out kitchen like we belonged in them.  Kind of.  Something about jogging shoes and shorts in a kitchen that cost more than any timer could make in a lifetime was a fun contrast.  And  a little exploration more next door and we were with classy classic cars.  My young aspiring staff reminded me that with determined, winner mind sets, we could fit any where the mind dared to strive. So, yes, our shorts and shoes and striver personalities felt like these things were just other kinds of trophies people aspire to win for focused efforts.

I joined  a group of college students in downtown San Diego at The Extraordinary Desert. WOW!  SCORE!  There had to be a trillion  calories all in one, as a dear friend describes anything so delicious, BOOMDICKITTY place. Talk about RICH! This is as rich as it gets.  Hundreds of deserts that make your head spin and you finally have to close your eyes and point at one because there are just too many good ones to choose from.  This was more than a minute playground.  This was a sugar plunge.  Yum.

The Coastwise mile was a great compilation of one mile heats including Mutt Miles, Baby jogger miles, corporate team miles, open divisions, and elite miles with prize money.  It finished with an open 5K.  The course was gorgeous.  I stayed parked at the finish and ran the bluffs, trails, and through town.  It was a hot day with a sticky sea breeze, perfect for tank tops and filling the tank with a feeling it was good to be alive.  It was a good day spent running in the sun.

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