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October 31, 2010


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We timed 28 events in October. Amazing races. Mud runs, dirt Triathlons, beneficiary races. All of them for great causes. I have to catch up by showcasing Halloween road racing style. The LA CANCER CHALLENGE held the last weekend of October is for just that. To costume. To enjoy being characters. And to DO SOMETHING real to help the fight against Pancreatic Cancer. Spearheaded by Lisa Manheim and a foundation she oversees for her family’s foundation, this race an extensive effort to put on a A PLUS, classy race in Southern California. She puts so much detail and planning into her event it is a full-time, year round investment and for the fight to find a cure for pancreatic cancer. I respect Lisa as I watch her work so hard, efficiently, and effectively to do something about such a death sentence as Pancreatic Cancer. Her mother, Abi, started the foundation when her husband’s life was stopped short after the shattering diagnosis, “you have pancreatic cancer.” Most people diagnosised with this cancer only life for months. Read about Ronald Hirscherg and the Hirschberg Foundation at and this event in October. This is one race full of characters backed by character. I esteem the efforts of this family for making something BIG happen.

October 23, 2010

Catch up…not the red stuff you put on french fries

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Ok.  So my blog froze at the Iberries Yogurt  Shop and the Promenade Run on the Peninsula.  And so did I.  Our mats were not reading on the tile surface of the outdoor courtyard.  Was steel reinforcement under the ground?  Maybe support footings for the parking structure?  Was it the clay in the tile?  Didn’t matter.  We were switching buttons,  than programs , and finally timing on our back up system.  Yeah, for my anal side that has to have two of everything.  Two clocks.  Two printers.  Too many staff.  And two timing systems.   That same issue arose at Chapman University’s Toyota 5K.  We were on an outside courtyard with the same tile.  At Chapman we now knew to remedy the low read field by moving the start and finish a few feet.  That said, there is a lot of unbeknownst when making electronic systems work and timing  run smoothly.

That is where my October, November, and December went.  We had lots of huge races to time.  Lots of quaint specialty races.  And a hoard of wireless ,5 transition station triathlons.  The potentiality of chip timing if the software was more flexible and better developed are wide open.  We spent  many  wee hours of the night working on potentials for future timing.  The day hours were filled processing data , assembling chips and race packets , and packing equipment.  And the weekends we were out there at all your running events making sure you had the time of your life! 

And we MOVED.  PRIME TIME is now snuggly nestled in a commerce center with a huge vaulted ceiling, drive in warehouse and an office.  Just in time.  Rain came.  And came.  And came.  We had some very weather driven races and it was so nice to pack for them in dry quarters with all the vehicles and trailers INSIDE!  Oh, the feeling of having rain run down your sleeves and back of your neck as you hoist up easy ups, registration signs, and scaffolding.

I have some catching up to do with you.  Check out the Terranea at  A night’s stay there was a complimentary perk gifted from the committee of the Promenade on the Peninsula. Loved the valet parking dudes that wore Indian Jones style hats and duds. Had to admit that 3:30am wakeup call was not welcomed and we had a hard time departing from such comfort.  We had dined at their café on the edge of the bluff.  Catalina Island silhouetted on the horizon. About that time, two Red Baron period bi-planes came cruising by at bluff level.  Oh, my.  The sun’s warmth.  Not being sure which was more blue, the ocean or the sky? My college son exclaimed.  “Dear California.  You are at your finest today.”

October 16, 2010

I went on a work binge…

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I went on a BINGE.   Disappeared from this blog.  Spinning through the air.  Tumbling and bracing for the ground I am about to hit.   And I didn’t do it with your typical ill vices.  No alcohol with the disastrous ‘where have I been and what did I do?”.  Nor drugs with the delusional blacks out.  I had to vanish into work.  I took on the world of racing seriously.  I poured the same focused energies I engage to train into making my PRIME TIME Timing Company the solid professional company it is.  And I timed about every event you participated in this past fall.

There are a stock of stories, fun photos, intensities,  more of those life lessons, and thankfully a few laughs…and they are all stashed in blog folders all over my computers.  I am nearing the ground at a very alarming speed and I know that this pace will send me for a loop as I prepare to stop.  That parachute, full of a life too full, will fluff all around me.  When I finally halt from skidding across the dirt and STOP and sit upright I will get to share with you all about it.  That was quite a plane ride I just took.

Your patience during my absent interlude was appreciated.   I am so thankful to return to this blog. I will start posting tidbits of the past months.  But wow.  Give me a few minutes to shake the intensity  out of my head.  I think I have a work related hangover.  But what can I say, we did an incredible job.

October 4, 2010

Iberries…the crop is finally ripe and ready for the pickins.

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July 20, 2010 I did a blog on Iberries, a computer boutique fresh, self-serve yogurt shop that just opened this year in Rolling Hills Estates at the Promenade.  The owner, Brian Reitmeier loves to run so he is putting on a race/walk  to showcase this jewel of an outdoor mall, his specialty yogurt shop, and a great town to run in.   Promenade on the Peninsula 5K is being held next Sunday, October 10, 2010.  I met with him on Sunday after timing an event to do a RUN THROUGH, as not to be confused with a walk through.  We discussed all the race day details from the expo vendors, to great product give-aways, to the stage already booked with multi talent, to the starts and finishes.  All while running his course.  That was challenging enough, but I could feel his at ease energy in his legs and his ability to hold down a table conversation while running.  Not near as winded as my still recovering ,post marathon , pre track training body. I was running pre race pace and he was clipping along at a recreational pace.  I had to ask.  What is your PR for a 5K.? Without a hint of lapsing breath, ”  16 minutes and change”.  Ohhhh.  I had barely ever broken 20.  Better stick to those 10 hurdles in 400 yards as my expertise race.  But I love learning to love running again.  And I love trails, and courses, and the people who love them too.  So this is a GREAT way to have a meeting and the reason I choose to do what I do for a living. Thank you, Brian.  And hats off ,too, to his partner Susan, whose love for dance detailed the stage portion of the event and gives IBERRIES that pristine look .  Check out the detail in the cut fruit to the polished floors and state of the art walls.  It is as slick an operation as its shiny floors.  And tasty beyond tasty.  They have grapefruit, kiwi, honey-dew melon to name a few flavors.  And not to forget the chocolates! What a light way to dessert.  It was as rich an experience as the San Diego extraordinary desserts, and just as inviting.  And healthier!

The course will be really fun.  It starts in the middle of the outdoor mall and runs DOWNHILL.  It makes a loop around the mall and back through for a three lap course that will thrill any spectator.  Check out this site to register or get more info on the race.  And Check this out to get more info on the yogurt shop  and the reason the yogurts are so detailingly light and delightful. .

A kitchen formed concept…

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What’s in a weekend? I am a race timer ,so , you guessed it: packet picks ups and races. Because I end up in great places for just a moment, I have learned to excel at “few minute playgrounds”. I look for something I would not normally see and check it out…for a few minutes.  I darted down to San Diego to meet with race directors and ended the day in La Jolla getting ready for the Coastwise Mile.  La Jolla is an entirely unique beach cove expanse of stunning real estate.  One of the best I have ever seen in all my travels; even off this continent (save it does not win out over Tahitian sunsets and their coral corralled lagoons, but a close second). La Jolla is rich.  Rich in custom properties perched hillside over crashing waves that smoothed rock outcropping and give life to teaming tide pools, sun bathing seals, and lots of birds that unfortunately poop too much.  La Jolla has restaurants and shops and a grassed bluff that all spell a great ledge overlooking the sea. 

I had to drop bike racks off for the Fearless Triathlon happening on October 30,2010 in San Diego.  (Just when you thought you could survive a sprint distance, they come up with this!  A swim, bike, run, and then repeat the same a swim, bike, run….guaranteed cramper upper!)  The racks were dropped off at Kitchen Concepts.  My staff and I instantly found an instant “few minute playground”…photo moments in each decked out kitchen like we belonged in them.  Kind of.  Something about jogging shoes and shorts in a kitchen that cost more than any timer could make in a lifetime was a fun contrast.  And  a little exploration more next door and we were with classy classic cars.  My young aspiring staff reminded me that with determined, winner mind sets, we could fit any where the mind dared to strive. So, yes, our shorts and shoes and striver personalities felt like these things were just other kinds of trophies people aspire to win for focused efforts.

I joined  a group of college students in downtown San Diego at The Extraordinary Desert. WOW!  SCORE!  There had to be a trillion  calories all in one, as a dear friend describes anything so delicious, BOOMDICKITTY place. Talk about RICH! This is as rich as it gets.  Hundreds of deserts that make your head spin and you finally have to close your eyes and point at one because there are just too many good ones to choose from.  This was more than a minute playground.  This was a sugar plunge.  Yum.

The Coastwise mile was a great compilation of one mile heats including Mutt Miles, Baby jogger miles, corporate team miles, open divisions, and elite miles with prize money.  It finished with an open 5K.  The course was gorgeous.  I stayed parked at the finish and ran the bluffs, trails, and through town.  It was a hot day with a sticky sea breeze, perfect for tank tops and filling the tank with a feeling it was good to be alive.  It was a good day spent running in the sun.

October 3, 2010


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Robert Thomas, Cradlesong:  SOMEDAY

Maybe someday…just listen to the song.  It says it all for me.  Just letting you know that behind all the races, the nichy foods, and the training is some great pain as I box up a 24 year marriage.  It will be some sad chapters in a book… SOMEDAY, but maybe….someday…I will figure all this out. Put an end to all the doubt. Right now…all I want to do is cry…

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