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September 28, 2010

Leading the way. Back of the pack.

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Alive n Running 5K was held Sunday on the back side of LAX Airport in Westchester. Airplane goers dotted the fence and watched aircraft lift and loom overhead as we laid out the mats and chutes for a flat and fast course and awaited the 1000 participants. Ironically, I got a txt that the once “voice” in my life was on an airplane headed to South Africa for a jungle contract. Bye plane. But back to the runners. They came from all over and with all kinds of life.  Alive and Running is a celebration of breathing, living, enjoying, and recovering from the loss of those who have chosen not to through suicide.  Page back to June 2, 2010 blog and know that my daughter got to experience young, pointless death through the seemingly unstoppable progression of depression in a gifted, talented girlfriend.  This girl’s family tried harder than any on earth and she still chose to end her life .  Lots of runners were there to find recovery from the same grief and unfathomable loss of suicide.  My daughter tried to share that hurt with one of the runners and I was sad to witness the person brush it off with a trivia,”Yeah.  I hope to run my PR today.”  We runners sometimes fail ,big time, to listen or take a moment to relate to others, our accomplishments being the focal.  Just a reminder and a heads up to have a little sensitivity, myself included, to all those around us.  Look around and discover who is feeling today.  Novel idea.

The back of the packers seem to have this down. They found dog owners.  They walked with their kids in matching shirts and head bands.  And they wore ridiculous hats to remind themselves to not take life so seriously!

But there is also something to be said about the man or woman who puts every ouch of themselves out there…on the line…and wins.  Joseph Haradarian was one of those men. He won the entire event with a surge to stay one step ahead of his competition and collapsed after the finish mats.  He finished with nothing left to give and everything gained on the course. That takes wow.  His BIOLA singlet caught my attention.  That is my college alma mater.  History trivia on myself, I ran for 4 years on this private college’s track team as the first female to do so.  Back in the day, an initiative was passed in California that demanded that institutions offer equal opportunities for females, mainly demanding that sports opportunities open up.  Since I ran on a guys track team in High School (what an experience for the shy girl to get to hang out with so many cool boys!), I was trained to race.  Despite being naturally skinny, I was head strong and fast out of the blocks.  I could take on any girl in the state.  I was one of the first to get a female sports scholarship.  And I ran my heart out.  We needed points so I ran a lot of events, jumped, and ran both relays back when event totals were not limited.  Thus was born the experience and aptitude to do multi-events on the track to this day.  So I took the time to greet the Biola guy warming down for the race.  He had a gentle Forest Gump demeanor about him and he was very gracious about giving his running credit to people who took the time to coach him and encourage him.  They must have done a good job because he won the Junior Olympics in the 1500 at one time.  He is now 20 years old and training hard for cross-country and track at Biola.  Run, Joe, Run!

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