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September 28, 2010

I like the Karma of Karma

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Read back June 29,1020 ‘Don’t Pass up Pasadena” when I took the time to experience the The Tibetan House.  I meet Karma ,who convinced me that a trek into the Himalayas using running a marathon as the excuse was going to be rewarded with a culture of people worth exploring and a landscape like to other.  While in Pasadena for the Say No to Drugs Half Marathon I asked my daughter to join me for dinner at this small restaurant  that would be like flying into a tiny Tibetan village. It was nice to sit in the quiet spirited place in the cool of the afternoon after a morning of staging a race in 100 degree temperatures.  It was even nicer to say another hello to Karma after all these months and let him know I actually accomplished one marathon on a continent…the Australian Outback.  I like Tibetan and can feel him servicely professional, polite, and willing to tell us about each unique dish we tried.  There is a combination appetizer that was fabulously varied.  And we tried Yak dumplings.  He brought out his phone and showed us a  U-tube video of his village. It is an awing place he is from.  Type in Kimathangka on u-tube and watch the most captivating 6 minutes of people thriving in stone age style, crossing hanging bridges, and hauling sticks up countless rock steps to heights we can only invision from documentaries. This is Karman’s village.  I hope to go there some day.  And he hopes to get his precious family here some day.  I can feel him without saying it that the threat of the Chinese is a real one and his village borders a land that doesn’t want them to be Tibetan.  I think I want to find out more of what the real challenges are.  It takes as much guts for him to come to this very foreign continent  as I think it would take to climb Everest! I hope for a great finish in life for him as he sacrifices to establish himself here for his family .   He said ,since he taught me to say thank you last time…dhanyabad (in Nepalese)… that we should know something more important.

Namaste is a Nepalese word used to greet people, every day, everywhere.  He placed his two hands together in prayer form, did a slight bow and said,”Namaste” with a tilt of his head.  It felt warm and welcoming, just the way I feel when I am with Tibetan people. He said it is a sending of good feelings or good love to another person.  I like that.  Message sent.  He gave up large tables to wait on in order to tend to ours.  He helped us learn more about Tibetan food, Nepalense food, and the cultures.  And so in gentle nature of what Tibetans are about, I noticed my tip had been reversedly charged and not accepted.

By the way, SAY NO TO DRUGS HALF MARATHON & 5K was an excellent race. I have never seen a better fed crowd.  They had ‘Batter Matter’s” a pancake product serving pancakes, Jamba Juice serving juices, Seattle’s best coffee with vanilla lattes, bagels, donuts, oranges, bananas, coke products, sports drinks.  You name it.  The race commitee also stages a great race in December 5, 2010 at Universal Studios.  Our company knows them on first name basis…Ray and Ryan and Arias and a host more…because they are that kind of group with one great cause.  Talk about family!  Look up and be well fed, well expo-ed, and entertained by the backlot of Universal Studios.  Oh, and the Laker Girls were there.  I am twice their age!  Definitely, they are the ab queens!

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