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September 21, 2010

deja vu

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After watching the sun close the day, I punched in the motel address in my phone navigator and traveled along the coast past where we would time the Playa del Run at Zuma Beach.  Past Pepperdine University.  The navigator finally bellowed, “You have arrived at your destination.” I looked around and could not locate a motel.  But there was that Green Produce Market I had pulled into May 7, 2010. Ipulled into its parking lot. I  remembered the healthy deli food choices it offered. My arm instantly drew in and held me in a hug as I remembered how lost and hurting my life had been when I had pulled into that parking lot in back in May.  The ‘voice’ was out of my life. The divorce process was in…and in limbo.  My husband was in my face. And I didn’t know how to take the next step in life.  I had met an ultra eventer in this produce market . Read my blog back on May 7.   “Look What I Found in the Produce Section.”  Remember, Chris Frost.  He had told me about the beauty of meeting people and exploring places through the choices to train and do exotic events.  It was what made his life full of meaning and friends.  His short interaction in that produce section filled my sails to go after the remote marathons on every continent.

So I went in the store to ask them where the Malibu Motel was and get some healthy deli something for dinner.  There was only one other person in the entire store.  He was standing at the counter putting his items into his basket. I looked at the road map definition in his calves and said to the back of his head, “Your name would not happen to be Chris?”.

He swung around and looked at me in utter déjà vu.  He said he normally doesn’t come by this market at this time or regularly so the chances of me seeing the same person, at the same counter, in the same town, all these months later was perfectly weird and rare. We exchanged adventures; my travels to the OUTBACK and down under and his longest Badwater to Whitney ever.  He said that having a rough race like that made him see three sunrises in one race, but also let him see a different end of the event, a different set of people.  It was all the more meaningful and nothing like he had planned. Mine either. 

Can I share with you the healing in this chance running into someone?  It helped me see how far I had come, that there was some growth, and that I had done something I had set out to do. I hadn’t sat back hopeless and helpless though I felt that many times. I was having a LOT of chance happenings in my life right now. Some I hope to share with you some day.  But this tiny second interaction  was so welcomed at a time that I am do nothing more than self hugging myself and getting through it.

Chris agreed to drop by at the end of the race we were timing at Zuma Beach and try to chance me joining him on the end of his training run.  I am glad we got to.  He took me up a hill climb and a trail that overlooks the entire peninsula.  The whales are migrating and the dolphins are out their frolicking around them in their own little pods.  Kelp drifting. Surge rolling.  Aqua, emerald seas.  It was revitalizing.  It was a gorgeous view.  And it was in our backyard, not a hemisphere away.  WOW. WOW.  Chris took the patience to show me stride tricks to conserve effort for the miles and how my arms swinging across my chest and my hip rock was enough to wear out any runner. He txted me later that day.  “That was fun.”  And it was.  It was exactly what he promised doing events out of the box would bring.  People and places to meet and explore. Simple. Simply fun.

Here is a collection of event athletes to meet and greet: 

Jordan Rapp hands down won the Playa del Run…a surf swim and 5k sprint.  He is a pro triathlete that won Ironman Arizaona in 2009 and Ironman Canada in 2009.  Big news on Jordan is he was hit by a car on March 23, 2010 riding out of Port Hueneme.  This was his first race since the accident. Looks like he has done a champion job recovering. When asked what his secret was to champion training.  BACON!  Bacon was his answer.  He claims he eats an all bacon diet! 

Mark Montgomery has Ironman sealed in his cells.  He was there championing the origin of the sport.  His first Kona was done with the raw idea of trying to finish something that combined the harsh distance in all three sports.  The handful first did so the 112 mile bike on a bicycle with a basket.  In that basket was all their add station materials (water and peanut butter sandwiches) and tools for flats and broken chains. Self contained and no gears to shift.  Ugh.  Now that takes iron. Mark has over 40 national lifeguard titles.  And his 54 year old frame shows the years of training. Soundly sound. He pioneered triathlon events and actually competed, won his own events, and turned around and event operated them.

While Mark’s cells are filled with ironmans and lifeguarding, Chris Frost’s are composed of water ski racing and endurance running.  He started out on the Ironman circuit and water ski racing with races. He can  hang on behind a boat all the way to Catalina. Gheez. He, too, has an entire life style of eventing and has gotten a lot of fulfillment out of tackling looming adventures such as the Sahara Desert and Badwater to Whitney.  Races that take between 30 and 60 hours or days and days and days.

And me, well.  I am the timing girl that owns PRIME TIME.  And I run in fast circles.  Ones that have 10 hurdles in the way.  Or to go along with my indecisive flare, I do the hepthatlon because it involves a gamete of track field and running events.

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